This is a session at Innov8rs Vancouver, 3-4 October 2019

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Innovate You: Designing a Life of Meaning and Value

Are you working towards a life that is full of activities or a life that is full of meaning and value? Do you feel you are making a significant contribution in our ever-changing world? What if you could tackle your problems and design a well-lived, meaningful and significant life relative to your work, your health, your play, and your relationships?

Designers create experiences and products and solve problems using a methodology called design thinking. You can employ the same methods used to create amazing products to your life! You can take control of your life, live with intention, reinvent yourself and ensure that life does not just happen to you.

This session will explore why many of our deep-rooted beliefs about life are dysfunctional and limit our success, and it will reveal the mindsets, skills, frameworks, and tools needed to tackle your biggest design challenge. It will highlight resources for enhancing self-awareness so that you can better understand who you are, what you believe, and what you do. You will learn how to innovate you and unlock the secret to building a life of meaning and significance.

Erin Kurchina

Vice President, Talent Development & Transformation at KurMeta Group

Erin is a Talent Development and Transformation Executive and Coach with KurMeta Group, a company dedicated to helping companies and individuals excel in the digital age. With over twenty-five years of corporate experience, including eight years as a Chief Human Resources Officer, Erin works collaboratively with teams and individuals to foster an understanding of the trends influencing the future of work, and the mindsets and skills required for personal innovation and success. As a Coach, she assists individuals embrace change, reinvent themselves and design and navigate their life and career paths. Her purpose is to nurture others to be always curious, learn, and gain insights so that they can unlock their potential and accelerate their dreams.

A life-long learner, Erin holds a Master’s in Public Administration degree from the University of Toronto where she also pursued Ph.D. studies in leadership. She has a Canadian Institute of Corporate Directors ICD.D designation and is a certified Coach.