This is a session at Innov8rs Vancouver, 3-4 October 2019

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Innovation Under Fire

Many companies across traditional industries are facing not just disruption, but downright extinction. And for many, Innovation — i.e., growth into adjacent and new markets, offerings new products and services, and new business models — is the only way out.

Ironically, these are also the companies that can least afford the luxury of formal innovation training, innovation labs, and other trappings of more stable firms.

But there is a solution — building and using innovation skills and capabilities in real time, while also executing survival-critical business strategies. When done properly, this can even be more impactful and lasting than innovation done in abstract. Sugath will discuss techniques along with recent client stories.

Sugath Warnakulasuriya

Managing Director at Thalamus Labs

Sugath Warnakulasuriya is a highly-regarded, hands-on innovation strategist and business builder who helps companies in traditional asset- and labor-intensive industries become modern, digital, data-driven businesses.

He has a long, successful track record of identifying and implementing disruptive, game-changing opportunities for both Enterprises and startups, and has led numerous company-wide agile transformations across a variety of industries. His approach to innovation emphasizes bringing a distinctive combination of analytical and creative approaches to take on complex, adaptive challenges found in the fast-moving world of modern organizations.

He was at McKinsey & Co, and received his PhD in Computer Engineering from USC.