This is a session at Innov8rs Vancouver, 3-4 October 2019

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Mindset and Frameworks: The Fundamentals To Building a Culture of Innovation

Every modern company wishes to or believes they are innovative. Most, however, are limiting innovation (intentionally or not) to silos within their organizations. In an exponential world, the entire enterprise must learn what it means to be and then operate in, a naturally innovative way. In this workshop, you’ll be exposed to some of the current beliefs on how to build such an organization.

Session topics include: innovation horizons & ecosystems, operational frameworks that enable innovation, growth mindset, the role of leadership, and insights from in-house corporate innovation programs.

Rocky Ozaki

Founder & CEO, NoW of Work Inc. and the NoW-Academy

Rocky is one of Canada’s most passionate evangelists on the Future of Work who preaches that technology, a sharing economy and the connected generation have dramatically changed the way companies attract, engage and retain their people. Companies that fail to embrace this reality will find themselves disrupted or made redundant by an increasingly innovative and agile economy.

Rocky couples 10-years of executive HR and operations leadership in large enterprise organizations, with 5-years of startup tech experience. He held the role of Vice-President and Head of Corporate Innovation at the BC Tech Association before co-founding the NoW of Work Inc. – a firm that help organizations future-proof their business through culture transformation and innovative mindsets, and the NoW-Academy – a bootcamp that inspires and empowers people to leverage modern Operational and People practices.