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Why Innovation Stalls Out – A look inside the research

When we’re working to advance innovation we’re up against more than challenging status quo. We’re up against how we think. This shows up in 3 ways:

• We need to productively harness individual creativity to fuel the novelty needed to drive innovation

• We need to overcome a culture and habits that value critical thinking and wants to bring things to closure – quickly

• We need to work together to tackle challenges that come with innovation

Here’s a little-known secret about innovation. When faced with a challenge, research shows we all engage in a universal creative process.

We all have thinking preferences for moving through this process which act as an energy wave powering us through, or causing us to stall out. These are our innovation superpowers and kryptonite. Regardless of the innovation approach you’re using, these preferences have an impact on the thinking and energy you naturally bring to the table. And, they have an impact on how you can move innovation through the organization. With awareness of these preferences, you and your team can power up your efforts and engage in innovation much more effectively.

This webinar will touch on a year-long global research study sponsored by FourSight LLC and BridgePoint Effect with Innov8rs. This research sought to answer the question – “Who are the Innovators in Organizations?” The insights from this research sheds light on why innovation stalls out, and how to overcome the frustration of meeting everyone’s needs in the process.

Join us on January 30, 2019 at 11:00 EST / 17:00 CET to:

• Hear highlights of this research
• Find out what this research means to advancing innovation in your organization
• Get access to the FourSight Assessment to discover the superpowers and kryptonite of your thinking preferences

Hosted by: Janice Francisco & Sarah Thurber

Janice Francisco
Janice Francisco, M.S. is the Founder of BridgePoint Effect, an organizational development and innovation strategy firm that brings decisive navigation to help organizations respond to change and integrate innovation.

Sarah Thurber
Sarah Thurber, M.S., is Managing Partner at FourSight, LLC, a global innovation company that develops research-based tools, assessments and training designs to enhance innovation, collaboration and team performance.

When: January 30, 8am PT, 11am ET, 5pm CET

It’s free – click here to register

The 8 C’s: A framework for driving repeatable, data-driven innovation

Very few companies are sustainably growing in America and all over the world. In 2019 if you don’t own customer’s pipeline, directly manage your relationship with your customer and do not intimately know your customer through data then your company is becoming increasing reliant on those who do and is therefore dying.

This has a knock-on affect of negatively impacting the middle class by reducing wages and employee benefits while encouraging companies to buy back stock rather than invest in growth (middle class stagnation = rise in racism, fascism, xenophobia, isolationism, and basically most of the insanity that plagues the news today).

So West hired an independent research team and spent 15K hours analyzing the fastest growing companies (at least for the last 5 years = FAANG), best practice by department, innovation tools and emerging technology, writing briefs on all. West is giving all this away with a framework that he developed (8C’s) to help companies grow again.

Hosted by: West Stringfellow

West Stringfellow spent 20+ years launching products and leading innovation at both corporate giants and startups, holding executive-level innovation and product management roles at Target, PayPal, VISA, Rosetta Stone, GraysOnline and BigCommerce and spending 3 years at Amazon as a Senior Product Manager.

When: February 13, 8am PT, 11am ET, 5pm CET

It’s free – click here to register