We know- there are tons of innovation events. But let’s be honest: how many did you actually leave with tangible outcomes?

Innov8rs Barcelona is not just another innovation conference, where you leave with high-level ideas and a bunch of business cards.  You’ll actually learn and do stuff, and you’ll leave with tangible output to implement once back in the office.

Our conferences are carefully designed learning experiences, supporting participants to learn, work on their challenges and connect and collaborate with peers. No long keynotes nor boring panels with talking heads only interested in hearing themselves, but hands-on, practical formats- with 80% happening in smaller working groups.

Since 2011, we’ve hosted more than 25 conferences in global innovation hubs from San Francisco to Stockholm to Shanghai to Singapore to Sydney. We’re excited to be in Barcelona next. So, why do we think you should not want to miss this one?

1 – You’ll gain insights on trending topics and cross-industry best practices from (inter)national thought leaders

As innovation leaders, we need to sometimes step back from the busyness of running the day to day, and reflect on how we’re actually doing.

With the pace and intensity of change increasing, how do you keep up and lead the way in your organization? At Innov8rs Barcelona you’ll hear from the best global experts what’s working in innovation management across industries today and what’s coming at us tomorrow.


2 – You’ll learn how other companies are doing innovation with case studies from innovators across industries, sharing their successes, failures and everything in between.

At Innov8rs Barcelona, you’ll hear from 15+ innovators who are pioneering across industries, charting the course for their companies to stay relevant.

There is not a better opportunity this fall for you to hear so many real-life stories and learn so many battle-tested approaches from so many innovators like yourself – from a variety of industries and backgrounds, yet all in the trenches actually getting sh#t done – all under one roof.


3 – You’ll work on your actual challenges, guided by experts and learning from peers, and leave with an updated toolbox to implement for immediate impact once back in the office.

At our conferences, you won’t just sit and listen. You’ll actually learn and do stuff.

Whatever challenge you are facing in your day to day, we invite you to roll up your sleeves and work on solutions supported by peers and guided by experts in hands-on interactive workshops.


4 - Beyond the high quality content, it’s the people you’ll meet and the conversations you’ll have with them that make you go back home excited and re-energized.

Our audience are those leading innovation in large organizations.

You’ll meet peers like yourself- responsible for company-wide innovation programs and transformation efforts, driving innovation in units or regions, leading innovation labs and teams, or launching new ventures as intrapreneurs.

At Innov8rs Barcelona you’ll connect, collaborate and co-create with peers. That’s how we design the event. That’s why we limit the number of participants. And past participants loved it.

Trusted by brands, loved by peers.

Unlike other conferences, mixing with like-minded people made it
feel like you were really learning something, rather than watching an endless stream of startup pitches and panel discussions that aren’t really saying anything original at all.

Innov8rs Miami 2019 has been an incredible opportunity to connect and share experiences with a wonderful group of like minded innovation leaders from around the world -- a fun and very useful event that has led to many valuable connections.

Connecting with so many other innovation professionals across a number of organizations acted as a shot of adrenaline reigniting my drive to transform our organization. Sometimes working at the front-end of innovation can be a lonely place, especially in a large 100-year-old company. Last week was a refreshing reminder that we're not alone.

That was a terrific event! Thank you for all of your hard work organizing + curating a terrific group of people to attend. I just kept having great conversations over both days.

Other conferences are fatiguing, but even after two full days everyone is so energized. I found it astonishing people here care so much, it’s really been awesome.

What a great event! I learned as much from the attendees as I did from the speakers and hardly ever do speakers stay around to network after their session. I'm amazed by the format, how open, honest and authentic it was. You rarely ever get that with these types of events - well done!

The only conference this year you don't want to miss.

There’s no better opportunity for you and your team to connect and collaborate with peers from other companies and industries, and from 15+ countries.

At Innov8rs Barcelona you’ll hear from the best global experts and innovation leaders what’s working in innovation management across industries today, not in theory, but in practice- so that you can apply what you’ve learned righty away once you’re back in the office.

Moreover, it’s the people you’ll meet and the conversations you’ll have with them that makes attending Innov8rs Barcelona a truly valuable investment of your time and budget.

Save €300 on an individual ticket, and €1500 on a team package with five tickets if you register by February 27th.

Limited seats – don’t miss out! As a first step, apply to join via this link.

If you're leading innovation in your company, this is your tribe.

Don't miss out on all the insights, conversations and fun. Limited seats, so apply to join today!