Driving Innovation Excellence for a more Effective and Efficient Innovation Function

Upgrade Your Innovation Management System

Now is the time to upgrade your Innovation Management System.

The tension is rising, with increased pressure on costs, budgets, and productivity. As innovation function, we are tasked to figure out what to do with AI, achieve ambitious sustainability goals and contribute to our organizations' top and bottom line.

There are plenty of challenges and opportunities.

It's fair to say the future of our companies depend on our innovation function to deliver results.

It's also fair to acknowledge results are yet lacking in most organizations. 

If you're building products for core markets, what's the share of revenues from initiatives from the last three years? How well is your innovation strategy aligned to the overall company strategy? Would your internal stakeholders speak proudly about having reached innovation excellence, or are your efforts secretly perceived as innovation theater?

Given our external and internal context, the homegrown innovation management systems prevalent in most companies are no longer fit for purpose. An upgrade is needed to get better outcomes.

Are you striving for innovation excellence, for a more effective and efficient innovation function?

Hosted by renowed innovation experts Frank Mattes & Dennis Boecker, this Innov8rs CoLab program offers you a unique opportunity to

  • deep dive into best-in-class frameworks for innovation excellence
  • work with peers to benchmark and address the key improvement points in your innovation management system
  • get 1:1 feedback and guidance to turn existing pain points into levers for success

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