Our role is more important than ever.

Yet budgets are being cut, support from leaders and other functions is low and the pressure to get it right fast, is high.

As corporate innovators, we’re tasked to respond to the Covid19-crisis, and prepare for bounce back and growth at the same time. Whilst we’re still facing the many challenges from before Covid, these dynamics present new, different and more challenges for us to solve.

What you need now is a space where you can safely discuss crucial moves and critical decisions with others who've been there.

That’s what you get inside the Innov8rs Community.

Become a member to
✓ Get actionable answers to your toughest questions
✓ Have focused conversations to tackle shared challenges
✓ Gain clarity about what to do and how to succeed

Explore, discuss and learn anything that matters to you.

Leading and doing innovation in large organizations can feel like an island. It’s good to know that there’s a place where there are others like yourself, who “also get it”. A place to where you keep up with what’s working now and what’s coming next, in order to make it happen in your organization.

Share challenges and set goals.

Whatever your challenges and opportunities are, and regardless of industry and innovation maturity, we've got you covered. Based on your wants and needs, we curate and/or create sessions, resources and content that will actually be helpful.

Focus on what's important now.

From a diverse range of weekly live sessions, you choose what and when to join in order to make meaningful progress towards achieving your goals. You can also host your own sessions and invite others to discuss whatever is important to you.

Make meaningful progress.

Easily and effectively tap into the expertise and experiences of peers. Access the best and latest strategies, insights and approaches from a pool of vetted experts, available to share their knowledge, lead conversations and mentor you.

Here's what you'll get inside.

This is not just a series of one-way webinars that aren’t really helpful.

Instead, you connect and collaborate with a selected group of cross-industry peers, well-known thought leaders and vetted experts, in a closed and safe environment, to address actual issues and get actionable insights.



Weekly Live Sessions

Engage in weekly live sessions hosted by experts and peers: talks, workshops and conversations, covering everything corporate innovation from A to Z.



Online Events

Join 8+ online events per year, each one focused at one key theme, and including 12+ hours of interactive sessions.

Premium Members get access to all talks, premium sessions and content, for all online events. Basic Members would need to purchase a ticket per event, at €95 per event.



Peer Support & Expert Guidance

Get open and honest feedback by hosting a challenge call. Celebrate your success (or failure) by sharing your approach. Go deeper and address key issues in topical workshops and working groups with peers from other companies and industries.




Access a library of curated and created content, tools and resources- everything you need to know all in one place.



Connect and Collaborate

Ask questions, join discussions and connect with other members via our social learning platform. Whatever your topic, simply tap into the experiences and expertise of other members for guidance.



Expand Your Network

Meet fellow innovators in your region, within your industry or with similar interests via the platform and through informal gatherings - online, and when again possible, in real life.



VIP at Conferences

Once we can meet face to face again, we'll be hosting conferences in innovation hotspots around the world. As a member, you'll  get a VIP deal to join the conferences of your choice.

"Innov8rs is unlike any conference. It’s the only place were corporate innovators and intrapreneurs get vulnerable and real about the challenges facing disruptors today and work together on creating breakthrough opportunities.This is my tribe of lifelong learners and do-ers."

"I am blown away with learnings, reflections and new insights. Such an amazing crowd with a true sharing mentality.I have gathered so many cases for best practice on how to run innovation, how to measure it, how to fuel intrapreneurship etc. Further, most people I have met are really down to earth, pragmatic and no-bulshit kind of people that are creating real impact in the companies they work for."

"What a great event! I'm amazed by the format, how open, honest and authentic it was. You rarely ever get that with these types of events - well done!"

"Sometimes working at the front-end of innovation can be a lonely place, especially in a large 100-year-old company. Connecting with so many other innovation professionals acted as a shot of adrenaline reigniting my drive to transform our organization. This was a refreshing reminder that we're not alone."

You're busy.

Get tangible results by investing only 20-30 minutes a week.

We know time is your most precious resource. That’s why your Innov8rs Community experience is personalized to address whatever is on your to-do list.

As a member, you’ll have ample opportunity to:
1. Have the conversations you want to have
2. Ask your burning questions
3. Get unbiased feedback on your approach
4. Share your experiences
5. Foster new relationships

You will have your personal concierge to suggest what sessions you should join, what people you should connect with and what content to check out.


Bring your team and boost your impact.

With so many issues to tackle and so much change happening so fast, you will benefit from your team  joining too.

You can focus on one key topic and get to the bottom of it. Or, you can divide and conquer to catch the best and latest on all key themes and trends.

With our team packages you get a great deal on tickets- but even greater outcomes. Check below for details.


Join Innov8rs Community

If you're keen connect and collaborate with a selected group of peers and experts, in a closed and safe environment, to address actual issues and get actionable insights, join Innov8rs Community.



• 40+ interactive live sessions to join
• 30% discount on online events and any Innov8rs Conferences for yourself, your team and your network





• 200+ interactive live sessions to join
• 500+ high quality session videos, resources, tools and other content
• 800+ other members to connect and collaborate with, through the platform and in small peer groups on topics you choose
• Get feedback on your key challenges and share your approach with others
Personal concierge and customized schedule to make best use of your time
• Free access to online events
• 30% discount on any Innov8rs Conferences for yourself, your team and your network









All items for your team as listed under Premium Membership
Plus extra support for your team: a private group on the platform, exclusive sessions and content as well as targeted introductions.

Team of 5



Team of 10



Are you a Consultant, Service Provider or otherwise supporting corporate innovators as Expert?

Please be aware we limit the number of membership seats for those not currently in a corporate role, to safeguard a healthy balance.

At the moment, we are accepting applications. Please click here to apply: https://innov8rs.co/community-application-expert/