You don't need to go alone.

Leading and doing innovation in large organizations can feel like being on an island.

From implementing incremental improvements for existing products and services, to launching new business models and building disruptive ventures, as innovators we are responsible for creating new value, resulting in top and/or bottom line growth for our organizations.

That’s easier said than done. Innovation sounds sexy and glamorous, but as we all know- in reality, it isn’t.

On top of our actual innovation work, which is more than a full-time job already, we have to closely align with business stakeholders and invest a lot of time in trying to change ‘how things are done’.

Within Innov8rs Community you'll collaborate with others with "innovation" in their title, facing similar challenges and chasing similar goals.

The community offers you a safe space to discuss crucial moves and critical decisions. It's where you keep up with what’s working now and what’s coming next, in order to make it happen in your organization.

You’ll learn about new methods, frameworks and tools. You’ll understand what other companies are doing in order to benchmark performance. You’ll get feedback from peers to solve the many strategic and tactical challenges you're facing your day to day.


You'll be in great company.

Other members are in roles like
• Chief Innovation Officer / VP of Innovation
• Head of Innovation, Innovation Program Director, Innovation Lab/ Centre Director
• Venture Lead/Innovation Team Lead
• Individual Intrapreneur, Innovation Team Member/Contributor
• Leader/professional in general business role other functions like Strategy, IT/Transformation, R&D/Product, Marketing, HR/Change

Become a member and connect and collaborate with other corporate innovators from brands like

Tap into the experience and expertise of others.

Because one insight, one a-ha moment can make all the difference.

As a member, there are several ways for you to engage with other members and innovate how you innovate.

Here's the different items included in an Innov8rs Community membership.

Peer Pods

To connect and collaborate with other members in a similar role, in the same industry, interested in the same topics, and/or based out of the same region, you can join one or more Peer Pods.

You meet with your peers every 8 weeks for a mastermind-like session, to get and give feedback on challenges and discuss current topics. Beyond these calls, Peer Pods have a dedicated space on the community platform to chat and share resources.

Within the wider community, the Peer Pods allow you to have even more relevant conversations and establish even more relevant connections.

Action Accelerator

To get personal support to solve your challenge, participate in the Action Accelerator.

Get unbiased and open feedback from peers who’ve “been there and done that”. In 8 weeks, you’ll get dedicated guidance to understand your challenge, explore possible solutions and start applying it in your day to day.

Based on your input, we find matching innovation leaders and experts and invite them to roundtable sessions to share their experiences, good or bad. Besides, you’ll get tailored recommendations for content and connections.

Learning Labs

In your day to day, you face many challenges and have many questions. What to focus on, how to do this (better) (faster), and how are others approaching this issue?

Join our Learning Labs to to upgrade your skill-, tool- and mindset, and increase your impact as innovation professional.

These programs offer you a deep dive into the six key pillars of corporate innovation, exploring ‘the best and latest’ on main themes and trends in just a few days. There’s a wide range of interactive small-group sessions to join, as well as content to consume and a diverse group of peers to engage with.

Content, Conversations & Connections

Our ever expanding library of content (or as some have called it the Netflix of Corporate Innovation) is an unrivaled resource of expert insights on all things innovation.

Whether you’ve got a specific problem to solve, or simply looking for some ideas and inspiration there is a whole treasure trove of insights available anytime, on demand.

Besides checking the content, you can discuss anything and everything innovation with other members, and expand your network or explore collaboration opportunities by browsing through our members directory.

Bring your team. Boost your impact.

With so many issues to tackle, that much pressure to perform, and so much change happening so fast, you will benefit from your team joining too.

As a team, you can focus on one key topic and get to the bottom of it. Or, you can divide and conquer to catch the best and latest on all key themes and trends.

For your team members, they can individually engage as outlined previously. Furthermore, your team lead can set a team goal every quarter, to be achieved through peer feedback sessions, facilitated introductions, and suggested content and resources.

With most of your innovation colleagues spread out across the business, you may not have that much interaction. A team membership offers all of your innovators a shared experience, and your team leads a focused channel for effective communications.


Trusted by brands. Loved by peers.

"This is my tribe of lifelong learners and do-ers.

Innov8rs is unlike any conference. It’s the only place were corporate innovators and intrapreneurs get vulnerable and real about the challenges facing disruptors today and work together on creating breakthrough opportunities."

"I am blown away with learnings, reflections and new insights. Such an amazing crowd with a true sharing mentality.

I have gathered so many cases for best practice on how to run innovation, how to measure it, how to fuel intrapreneurship etc. Further, most people I have met are really down to earth, pragmatic and no-bulshit kind of people that are creating real impact in the companies they work for."

"I'm amazed by the format, how open, honest and authentic it was.

What a great event! You rarely ever get that with these types of events - well done!"

"This was a refreshing reminder that we're not alone.

Sometimes working at the front-end of innovation can be a lonely place, especially in a large 100-year-old company. Connecting with so many other innovation professionals acted as a shot of adrenaline reigniting my drive to transform our organization."

"I understand how difficult these events are to run in the best of times.

This is hands down the best virtual event I have attended."

"For me, the Innov8rs Unconference is one of the few intrapreneurship conferences that is worth paying for.

The ability to connect with such a high quality speakers, ask questions, and get great insights is just invaluable!"

"I have already used some of the ideas presented. It is also influencing my thoughts on many other areas related to innovation.

The value of the Unconference has far exceeded the cost."

"The conference was great – it was a perfect mixture of networking and practical learning with a group of high-caliber, highly involved and dedicated participants.

It's a rarity to attend an event like this!"

Join the tribe

Your best support resource to learn new approaches, solve challenges and improve outcomes. Go faster, together.

Community Pass

What's included?

As a member you can

• Join Peer Pods with peers in a similar role, with the same interests, in the same industry and based out of the same region, for targeted and relevant conversations and connections.
• Get feedback on your questions/challenges in the Action Accelerator and different formats of peer to peer roundtables
• Participate in all six topical Learning Labs and our yearly Unconference to upgrade your skill-, tool- and mindset
• Access 800+ hours of content and other resources on-demand, as well as join discussions and connect with other members via our online platform
• Join Members-only sessions and roundtables such as our Community Club
• Participate in our in-person conferences at members-only discounts

As a first step, apply via the button below. If your application is accepted, you'll get an email to schedule a call with one of our team to discuss more details and next steps.


Prefer to have access to "Content, Conversations & Connections" only?

That's also possible, with a Content Pass. You indicate your preference when you apply via the button above.

The options above are available for corporate innovation leaders and professionals only.

If you are a consultant/coach, software firm or otherwise service provider to corporate innovators, you may qualify for an Expert Pass to Innov8rs Community. Prices for these are higher than the prices listed above. As a first step, apply via the link above and you'll receive more info.

Need some help?

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