We’re starting to use AI tools in our innovation processes… why not leverage one for personal productivity?

K8, your Innov8rs Companion

The next time you are asking yourself questions like… What are leading companies in our industry doing when it comes to open innovation? What should we take into account setting up a governance board? How do we better align with stakeholders to get their continued support? What to look for when hiring for our new venture?

For these and any other questions that may pop up, simply ask K8, your Innov8rs Companion.

Learning from the 800+ hours of content on our platform covering everything corporate innovation A-Z, plus several curated other sources of high-quality content, your AI-powered companion K8 (pronounced “Kate”) will be available anytime to assist you in your day to day.

Soon, K8 will be done with her training and available to assist the first group of innovators.

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