Helping innovators innovate.

Since 2011, we’ve hosted 28 conferences in 28 cities from San Francisco to Stockholm to Shanghai to Singapore to Sydney.

Not just your regular boring conference without tangible output, but intimate learning experiences focused where you actually do and learn stuff.

Essentially, we create the space for corporate innovators like yourself to connect, to share, to learn, in order to further improve their outcomes.

Beyond our in-real-life conferences, we host live online sessions every week, as well as 10 online events throughout 2020.

In three words, our mission really is to help innovators innovate. If you’re keen to connect, learn and grow with other innovators, as a first step, sign up for an Innov8rs Community membership.

Here's How You Can Engage

Community Membership

Because in a world that never stops changing, great innovators never stop learning.

Join live online sessions covering everything corporate innovation from A to Z, and engage with other members through an exclusive community platform with a free Basic Membership.

To get access to an ever-growing library of relevant-only content and resources, get yourself a Contact Access Pass. Or personalize your experience with a Premium Membership, offering targeted support to solve your challenges.


Upcoming Live Online Sessions For Members

How Innovators Can Overcome Obstacles And Thrive In Corporate Environments – Tendayi Viki

Trending Topic Talk + Q&A (60 min)
30 March 2020
10am EDT – 16:00 CEST – 22:00 SGT

Impactful Storytelling For Innovators & Disruptors – Susan Lindner

Workshop (90 min)
1 April 2020
10am EDT – 16:00 CEST – 22:00 SGT

Product Development Habits: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Nick Noreña

Workshop (90 min)
8 April 2020
10am EDT – 16:00 CET – 22:00 SGT

The Crisis in Innovation, Transformation & Digital and Where We Go From Here – Mark Zawacki

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A
14 April 2020
10am EDT – 16:00 CEST – 22:00 SGT

Online Events

Because you need to stay in the loop of what's working now and what's coming next.

Two-day online events dedicated to key themes relevant from innovators across industries. Gain fresh perspectives, understand best and next practices and explore new methods and frameworks. A variety of expert talks, case study talks, interactive workshops and opportunities to engage with peers in peer circle groups.

Plus: all content summarized in a practical playbook for you to kickstart implementation.

During all these events, you can join dedicated sessions on innovation in response to COVID-19, as well as on innovation in crisis, designed for you to share, learn and discuss what’s going on across companies and industries.


Upcoming Online Events

May 2020
Business Design & Venture Building
Talent & Teams
June 2020
Funding, Metrics & Accounting
Innovation For Positive Impact
September 2020
Foresight, Trends and Startup Scouting
Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement
October 2020
Ideation & Idea Management
Careers, Personal Development & Wellbeing
November 2020
Strategy, Leadership & Governance
Innovation Culture & Entrepreneurial Mindset


Because there is a magic in meeting face to face.

This is not just another conference, where you’ll be forced to listen to talking heads on stage, and you leave with high-level ideas and a bunch of business cards.

At Innov8rs Barcelona, you’ll actually learn and do stuff so that you go home with actionable insights to implement. And new friends to reach out to once you hit another roadblock.