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With disruption coming from everywhere, and market conditions still being difficult for most industries, more than ever companies need "innovation" to create new value, drive growth and deliver organizational transformation. 

Yet in most companies, innovation functions have been downsized, and their pipelines don't look too promising, and their programs don't seem to be too effective. The pressure keeps on rising.

As such, it's crucial for any innovation team to understand what’s working in other companies, explore new approaches and develop new skills.

Join our Learning Labs to learn to innovate how you innovate.


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The schedule.

This series consists of 8 Learning Labs. Each Learning Lab is a 2-hour workshop, covering one key pillar of corporate innovation. You'll get a detailed agenda and further instructions after registration.

Thursday 2 May, 16:00-18:00 CEST/10am-12pm EDT/7am-9am PDT

Governance & Portfolio Management

16:00-16:15 CEST/10am-10:15am EDT/7am-7:15am PDT

Introduction & Peer Pod

17:45-18:00 CET/12:45pm-1pm EST/9:45-10am PST

Capturing Takeaways & Wrap Up

Melody Rolph - Community Lead at Innov8rs

16:15-17:00 CEST/10:15am-11am EDT/7:15-8am PDT

Bringing Innovation to Life Through Effective Resourcing

Discover the art of adept resource management to cement the foundations for enduring success within your organization.

In this interactive session, we will delve into the intricacies of various financial and human resources, critical to sparking innovation. We'll explore how strategic investments and the harnessing of talent synergize to actuate your company's innovative potential.

Join this session to master the allocation of these pivotal resources.

June Barrage, Jay Patel & Jose Ribau

Global Market Leader - US & Middle East at Disruptive Edge | Innovation Analyst at Disruptive Edge | Executive in Residence at Disruptive Edge

17:00-17:45 CEST/11am-11:45am EDT/8-8:45am PDT

How Innovation Can Better Speak the Language of Finance (To Gain Support and Secure Budget)

Could it be that communication is one of the biggest obstacles to innovation?

The innovation team and the leadership team often speak different languages. The leadership team, and with them the CFO, is looking at long-term financial forecasts, EBITDA, and other finance-driven KPIs, but innovation team can't be (and shouldn't be) measuring their activities against those. To bridge the gap, "innovation" needs to better speak the language of "finance", to gain support and secure budget.

Join this session with experts in innovation accounting, governance and portfolio management, to learn how that can be done. It's a fishbowl conversation- that means that anyone with relevant experiences can also join the panel, all to bring even more perspectives to the mix.

Tristan Kromer, Dan Toma & David Matheson

CEO and Founder at Kromatic | Co-Founder at OUTCOME | President and CEO at SmartOrg, Inc & President of the Society of Decision Professionals

Tuesday 14 May, 15:00-17:00 CEST/9-11am EDT/6-8am PDT

Incubation, Venture Building & Scaling

15:00-15:15 CEST/9am-9:15am EDT

Introduction & Peer Pod

16:45-17:00 CET/11:45am-12pm EST/8:45-9am PST

Capturing Takeaways & Wrap Up

Melody Rolph - Community Lead at Innov8rs

15:15-16:00 CEST/9:15am-10am EDT

Ventures Should Solve Problems, Not Chase Hypes

In an era punctuated by rapid technological advancements, the corporate venture ecosystem is increasingly seduced by the allure of the next big thing. Buzzwords such as Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, and NFTs dominate the discourse, promising to revolutionize industries overnight. Yet, amidst this cacophony of technological enthusiasm, a critical insight often goes unnoticed: not all innovations address genuine market needs or solve real problems.

Take, for instance, the meteoric rise and subsequent challenges of numerous blockchain projects. Launched with fanfare, many such initiatives struggled to find practical applications beyond the speculative frenzy of cryptocurrencies, underscoring a disconnect between technological capability and market necessity. This example epitomizes a broader trend in the corporate venture landscape — a tendency to chase after hypes, seduced by the potential of emerging technologies, yet failing to anchor these innovations in solving tangible problems.

In this session, Sebastian posits a fundamental reorientation of priorities in the corporate venture space. It argues for a disciplined approach that places problem-solving at the forefront of venture building, relegating technology to a supporting role. By prioritizing the identification and understanding of real-world problems, ventures can develop solutions that not only captivate but also deliver meaningful value to their target audiences. Sebastian will explore the pitfalls of the hype trap, advocate for a return to basics, outline a framework for problem-solving ventures, and ultimately, call for a renewed focus on creating impactful solutions over merely leveraging the latest technologies.

Sebastian Müller

Founding Partner, Strategy and Ventures at MING Labs

16:00-16:45 CEST/10-10:45am EDT/7-7:45am PDT

Introduction to Successful Venture Scaling

While the success of corporate venture building is clearly visible, it has a significant shortcoming: Founders have no guidance or framework for the later scaling stage. The heavy use of templates and straightforward methodology made corporate venture building easy to use for everyone but also left founders alone when entering scaling.

To overcome this issue Kilian Veer took all of his experience in various venture building, founder, and board member roles and summarized it into a unique and simple approach to successfully scale any venture. His book "Successful Venture Scaling" received amazing reviews since being released beginning of this year.

This session gives a comprehensive introduction to the learnings presented in his book.

Kilian Veer

Group COO at The Delta

Wednesday 15 May, 16:00-18:00 CEST/10am-12pm EDT/7am-9am PDT

Innovation Culture & Capabilities

16:00-16:15 CEST/10am-10:15am EDT/7am-7:15am PDT

Introduction & Peer Pod

17:45-18:00 CET/12:45pm-1pm EST/9:45-10am PST

Capturing Takeaways & Wrap Up

Melody Rolph - Community Lead at Innov8rs

16:15-17:00 CEST/10:15am-11am EDT/7:15-8am PDT

Innovation Garages & The Mindset Virus

When dealing with innovation barriers, it's not uncommon to place the blame on external limitations - like strict policy regulation. However, organizations can sometimes get in their own way and stump innovation internally, as well.

The structures, incentives, politics, and processes that have helped businesses flourish can also be the things that stall progress. How are organizations getting past these roadblocks? Innovation garages and Design Thinking are two useful tools for encouraging innovation. While occasionally thought of as unconventional, these strategies can successfully revive initiatives and inspire new ideas.

In this session, Tim will dive into how they used these tactics at NRG as well as lessons learned along the way.

Tim Berendt

Director, Corporate Ventures & Innovation at NRG Energy

17:00-17:45 CEST/11am-11:45am EDT/8-8:45am PDT

Building a Thriving Culture of Innovation

Innovation culture doesn’t just happen. It takes strategy, discipline and intentionality.

In this session, discover what the eight key building blocks for a thriving culture of innovation, and assess each of the eight building blocks to determine how well your organization is doing currently in each area.

Leo Chan

Chief Innovation Igniter & Coach at Abound Innovation Inc.

Tuesday 21 May, 16:00-18:00 CEST/10am-12pm EDT/7am-9am PDT

Sustainability & Climate

16:00-16:15 CEST/10am-10:15am EDT/7am-7:15am PDT

Introduction & Peer Pod

17:45-18:00 CET/12:45pm-1pm EST/9:45-10am PST

Capturing Takeaways & Wrap Up

Melody Rolph - Community Lead at Innov8rs

16:15-17:00 CEST/10:15am-11am EDT/7:15-8am PDT

Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

People commonly take a risk-based approach to Sustainability, but what if you looked at Sustainability with an entrepreneurial or opportunity-based lens.

Positioning meaningful and quantifiable progress can create new white space for businesses to establish a comptetive advantage by systematically driving sustainability into how they operate.

This fireside chat will explore that process and to build a consistent approach that transforms outcome to deliver on sustainability commitments.

Jeffrey Whitford

Vice President of Sustainability and Social Business Innovation, Life Science at Merck

17:00-17:45 CEST/11am-11:45am EDT/8-8:45am PDT

Radical Desirability: How to Design Climate Solutions that People Love

Climate solutions are often approached with a supply mindset: more regulation, more investment, more technology. However, if we want these solutions to be adopted at scale, we need to make them radically more desirable—better products altogether. But are we meeting that standard?

In this session, we'll explore how we can better understand customers and supply chains to design climate-friendly products (with a little help from AI), and how sustainability and innovation teams should collaborate to help businesses meet both their sustainability and growth goals.

Luis Cilimingras

Partner at IDEO

Wednesday 22 May, 16:00-18:00 CEST/10am-12pm EDT/7am-9am PDT

Foresight & Business Design

16:00-16:15 CEST/10am-10:15am EDT/7am-7:15am PDT

Introduction & Peer Pod

17:45-18:00 CET/12:45pm-1pm EST/9:45-10am PST

Capturing Takeaways & Wrap Up

Melody Rolph - Community Lead at Innov8rs

16:15-17:00 CEST/10:15am-11am EDT/7:15-8am PDT

Looking Beyond the Consumer - How an Overreliance on Consumer Insights has Stifled Growth Innovation

Throughout the history of the CPG industry, there are few companies as well respected as P&G, and few brands as iconic as Ivory Soap. And, if we were to rely on standard lean innovation methodologies, such as The Lean Startup, we would certainly assume that Ivory Soap’s success was rooted in an in-depth analysis of consumer challenges, unmet needs and jobs-to-be-done.

But as with many (if not most) breakthrough products, consumer insights had little to do with either its’ invention or success. In fact, Ivory’s early success was a combination of serendipity, a novel GTM approach, unique positioning, and a bit of godly inspiration.

In this session, we will unwrap the real story behind Ivory Soap and discuss some of the lessons it can teach us about modern approaches to disruptive innovation. We will discuss how to better balance consumer insights with broader aspects of opportunity & concept development, such as evaluating market paradigm shifts, emerging technologies, startup investment and much more.

In this session, we will discuss “how to”:
- Leverage foresight to identify emerging paradigm shifts and critical uncertainties shaping the future
- Make foresight actionable with outcome-focused scenario planning
- Utilize open innovation models to map the innovation landscaped and discover new opportunity areas
- Better align opportunity areas with your unique business drivers & capabilities
- Avoid endless cycles of experimentation that fail to deliver growth outcomes
- move from creating concepts to building businesses

Jon Corshen

Managing Partner & Founder at Pilot44

17:00-17:45 CEST/11am-11:45am EDT/8-8:45am PDT

Why Now: How Good Timing Makes Great Products

They say that timing is one of the most important things in business. But how do you figure out if your timing is right?

This talk will introduce drivers of good timing, why business model impact is essential, and how to apply those factors to your own situation. Through a “Why Now Session” walkthrough, this talk will introduce a methodology for your organization to use a timing assessment to evaluate opportunities.

Based on research into market entrance advantages and studies of product failures and successes, this talk will leave you with a process to step through your own timing considerations.

Paul Orlando

Author, Why Now: How Good Timing Makes Great Products, and Incubator Director & Adjunct Professor at University of Southern California

Wednesday 29 May, 16:00-18:45 CEST/10am-12:45pm EDT/7am-9:45am PDT

Leadership, Strategy & Organization

16:00-16:15 CEST/10am-10:15am EDT/7am-7:15am PDT

Introduction & Peer Pod

18:30-18:45 CET/12:30pm-12:45pm EDT/9:30-9:45am PDT

Capturing Takeaways & Wrap Up

Melody Rolph - Community Lead at Innov8rs

16:15-17:00 CEST/10:15am-11am EDT/7:15-8am PDT

How to Better Align Innovation with Strategy

In this interactive talk, bestselling author and Columbia Business School professor David Rogers will discuss his recent HBR article on “The Missing Link Between Strategy and Innovation.”

He argues that for corporate innovation to succeed, it must be bounded by a clear set of strategic priorities that matter to the business. And it needs to play to the unique strengths of the firm—whether data, customer relationships, or supply chains—that will enable it to outcompete others attempting the same idea.

David will share practical advice, based on 20 years researching digital strategy and advising dozens of F500 companies, on the essential steps to help embed strategy into the innovation process.

David Rogers

Author of "The Digital Transformation Roadmap" & Faculty at Columbia Business School

17:00-17:45 CEST/11am-11:45am EDT/8-8:45am PDT

How Innovation Teams Can Build "Internal Predictability" To Move Fast

The external market will continue to throw things at you, and new shocks and opportunities mean people across all levels of the organization will find themselves in situations where they must exercise independent thinking and action.

They can only do so if the organization has provided them with the information they need to make decisions without fear of consequences, so they know how to react and how others will as well. This occurs in companies with internal predictability.

Join this high-energy and practical session with Rebecca Homkes to learn how you can build internal predictability within your innovation function, as you move with the key differentiator: aligned speed.

Dr. Rebecca Homkes

Lecturer at London Business School, Faculty at Duke CE & Executive Advisor

17:45-18:30 CEST/11:45am-12:30pm EDT/8:45-9:30am PDT

Doing More With Less - Here Is The Key

You have heard it, you’ve seen it. As corporate innovators, we are asked to do more. More support for the core, more topics (think AI and Sustainability), more short-term, more outcomes. But we are provided with less. Less budgets, less patience, less support from the core.

How do you solve this dilemma?

And most important: How do you solve it in a way that is feasible, given your demanding workload?

Renowned innovation experts Dennis Boecker and Frank Mattes will present a solution. You will learn how to find the leverage points for improvement in your innovation management system, and how to translate them into a meaningful, doable program so that they can improve innovation throughput step-by-step, without “boiling the ocean.”

The session also leads into an Innov8rs CoLab program to be launched later this year. This program will help you to create a set-up for success:
- Deep-dive into best-in-class frameworks for innovation excellence and find your leverage points for improvement.
- Work with peers to discuss what works and what doesn’t to improve in those leverage points.
- Work with the experts to craft your improvement program in 30/90/180-days increments.

Frank Mattes & Dennis Böcker

Founder and CEO at Lean Scaleup | Certified Innovation Management Consultant, former Bosch Global IoT Innovation Lead

Thursday 30 May, 16:00-18:00 CEST/10am-12pm EDT/7am-9am PDT

Open Innovation

16:00-16:15 CEST/10am-10:15am EDT/7am-7:15am PDT

Introduction & Peer Pod

17:45-18:00 CET/12:45pm-1pm EST/9:45-10am PST

Capturing Takeaways & Wrap Up

Melody Rolph - Community Lead at Innov8rs

16:15-17:00 CEST/10:15am-11am EDT/7:15-8am PDT

Reflections on Open Innovation in Practice

Recently, The Oxford Handbook of Open Innovation was launched: 4 editors, 75 reviewers, and 136 contributors collaboratively developed 57 chapter handbook chapters. These present the current state of the art featuring academic theory and managerial practice as well as the outlook for how open innovation should be further developed.

Join this session to hear (and discuss) Marisols' reflections on the state of Open Innovation in practice today. As the Global Head of Open Innovation at BBVA, she developed the Open Innovation practice since its beginning, growing it to be a global function across all countries connecting, strategy, organization and ecosystem towards innovation.

Marisol Menendez

CEO & Founder at Bilakatu

17:00-17:45 CEST/11am-11:45am EDT/8-8:45am PDT

Corporate Venture Studio Models: Discussion of Internal vs External Approach

Venture Studios have been gaining in popularity as a hybrid of seed-stage venture capital firms with startup incubators - A Venture Studio combines both the investment and entrepreneurial resources within the same organization. Corporations have began adopting the Venture Studio model as a way to stimulate innovation and growth outside the core.

The question then remains as to the execution of the Venture Studio, either internal focused through employees and executives or external focused through entrepreneurs and investors, which implies control vs. accounting tradeoffs; both models are viable pending key objectives, as Ricardo will share from first-hand experience.

Ricardo dos Santos

Partner, Head of Venture Studio at Takeda Ventures

Tuesday 4 June, 16:00-18:00 CEST/10am-12pm EDT/7am-9am PDT

Talent & Teams

16:00-16:15 CEST/10am-10:15am EDT/7am-7:15am PDT

Introduction & Peer Pod

17:45-18:00 CET/12:45pm-1pm EST/9:45-10am PST

Capturing Takeaways & Wrap Up

Melody Rolph - Community Lead at Innov8rs

16:15-17:00 CEST/10:15am-11am EDT/7:15-8am PDT

Impact-First Product Teams - Define Success, Prioritize What Matters and Do Indispensable Work

Doing product the "right way" doesn't matter if you aren't building a successful and sustainable business. And yet, many product managers in teams insist that it is impossible for them to estimate the overall business impact of their work, let alone to be accountable for this impact. But the truth is, our teams are always accountable for delivering a return on the investment that the business makes in us, whether or not we acknowledge that responsibility.

In this session, Matt LeMay shares insights from his decade-plus career working with companies like Spotify, Google, and Mailchimp and stories from his upcoming book Impact-first Product Teams.

We will discuss the importance of identifying specific goals at the company and team level, the challenges of drawing a direct line between day-to-day decisions and business impact, and the unseen costs of low-impact work.

Matt LeMay

Author of "Impact-First Product Teams" - Product Consultant and Advisor

17:00-17:45 CEST/11am-11:45am EDT/8-8:45am PDT

Unlock The Power of (Internal) Storytelling

Susan Lindner & Katie Taylor, Ph.D.

CEO at Innovation Storytellers

Not your typical webinar: you'll learn and do stuff.

Forget pointless powerpoints. You’ll roll up your sleeves, and work with peers and experts in interactive small group sessions. 

Whatever your challenges are, and regardless of industry and innovation maturity, you'll leave with new, practical insights and an upgraded toolbox, to implement right away.


All Learning Labs follow the same structure:

  • 15 min: introduction and speed networking
  • 45 min: Interactive deep dive
  • 45 min: Stories from the trenches with cross-industry innovation leaders
  • 15 min: Capturing takeaways and next steps

With each Learning Lab comes access to relevant content and resources from the "Netflix of Corporate Innovation"

Also, you'll be able to engage with other participants through our community platform before, during and after the session.

You're in great company.

Membership is available only to individuals and teams, working in roles like
• Chief Innovation Officer / VP of Innovation
• Head of Innovation, Innovation Program Director, Innovation Lab/Centre Director, Innovation Team Lead
• Venture Lead, Individual Intrapreneur, Innovation Team Member
• Leader/professional in general business role or other functions like Strategy, IT/Transformation, R&D/Product, Marketing, HR/Change

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