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For each event, we limit the number of seats for those not currently in a corporate (innovation) role, so consultants/coaches, software firms and other service providers, to safeguard a healthy balance.

Good news! At this moment, we are able to welcome experts to the event. If you’d like to join, sign up for an Expert Pass below, today.

Get Ongoing Access to The Best & Latest in Corporate Innovation

(And Showcase Your Thought Leadership)

Get your Innov8rs Community Expert Pass to learn what's working now, so you can better support your clients and partners navigating through uncertainty.

With an Innov8rs Community Expert Pass you'll get access to a one-stop shop for staying on top of what's happening, as well as an effective channel for building relationships with corporate innovators.

For innovation leaders and professionals, the pressure to get it right fast, is high.

Corporate innovators are tasked to respond to the Covid19-crisis, and prepare for bounce back and growth at the same time. Whilst they’re still facing the many challenges from before Covid, these dynamics present new, different and more challenges for them to solve.

It’s crucial for you to learn what’s going on in different industries and what’s working for innovation teams around the world – beyond the noise and blabla you’ll find on social media.

You’ll get access to a library of high quality content including all session recordings from our past and future online events and real-life conferences.

Moreover, you’ll build relationships with corporate innovators beyond your existing circles and channels. Answer their questions, join discussions and share your viewpoints- in short, showcase your thought leadership, via our social learning platform.


• Weekly interactive live sessions to join: 100+ per year
• 500+ high quality session videos, resources, tools and other content
• 1,600+ corporate members to connect and collaborate with in discussion groups via the platform
• Give corporate innovators feedback on their key challenges and share your approach
• Contribute to peer working group sessions addressing shared issues
Personal concierge and customized schedule to make best use of your time
• Free and full access to all online events
• 30% discount on any Innov8rs Community memberships and Innov8rs Connect online events for your team and your network, and on any Innov8rs Conferences for yourself, your team and your network





No contact, no hassle. Just cancel whenever you no longer want access and your membership terminates by the end of your the running month (if monthly) or year (if yearly).


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