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Thursday 7 January

Trending Topic Talk

7 January, 19:00 SGT/12:00 CET

The Importance of Conscious Leadership

Sonja Kresojevic
Founder at Seedtime Collective

Trending Topic Talk

7 January, 20:00 SGT/13:00 CET/7am ET

Reframing Political Savvy - A Critical Leadership Skill

Jane Horan
Founder at The Horan Group and Author of Now It’s Clear: The Career You Own

Learning Lab

7 January, 21:00 SGT/14:00 CET/8am ET

Wise Up... Slow Down - Let's Decelerate

Gib Bulloch
Author of The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent

Trending Topic Talk

7 January, 22:00 SGT/15:00 CET/9am ET

Selfcare 2021 - How to optimize your Human Operating System for Resilience and Adaptability

Philip Horvath
Partner at Luman

Learning Lab

7 January, 16:00 CET/10am ET/7am PT

Taking a Discovery-Driven Approach to Evolving Your Career

Laura Weiss
Founder and Senior Practitioner at Design Diplomacy

Trending Topic Talk

7 January, 17:00 CET/11am/8am PT

Finding a New Role in 2021: How Innovation Practitioners Can Break Through the Obstacles in Front of Them

Alex Pavlou
Co-founder at Bamboo Crowd

Trending Topic Talk

7 January, 18:30 CET/12:30pm ET/9:30am PT

Virtual Onboarding Mental Health

Alex Pavlou
Co-founder at Bamboo Crowd

Learning Lab

7 January, 19:00 CET/1pm ET/10am PT

How to Get Your Team Aligned Move Faster

Shannon Lucas
Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Catalyst Constellations. Co-author of Move Fast, Break Shit, Burn Out

Learning Lab

7 January, 20:00 CET/2pm ET/11am PT

3 Curated Ways For You and Your Team to Respond, Restore, & Rebuild

Jerod Turner
Design Strategist at Peer Insight

Friday 8 January

Learning Lab

8 January, 18:00 SGT/11:00 CET

The Invisible Ceiling on Career Development for Corporate Innovators

Stefan Lindegaard
Founder at Growth Mindset Lab

Learning Lab

8 January, 19:00 SGT/12:00 CET

Peace & Power - Tune in to Your Steadiness, Readiness and Creativity

Nicola Darke
Founder, Coach/Consultant at TurboZen

Learning Lab

8 January, 20:30 SGT/13:30 CET/7:30am ET

Leading From Purpose, Clarity and the Confidence to Act in times of Uncertainty

Nick Craig
President at Core Leadership Institute. Author of Leading from Purpose

Trending Topic Talk

8 January, 22:00 SGT/15:00 CET/9am ET

How to Design the Home and Workplace to Spark Innovation and Promote Wellbeing, According to Science

Donald Rattner
Principal at Donald M. Rattner, Architect

Trending Topic Talk

8 January, 16:00 CET/10am ET/7am PT

Finding Balance in a Disrupted Time

Janice Francisco
Founder & CEO at BridgePoint Effect

Startup Comedy

8 January, 17:00 CET/11am ET/8am PT

Pöny - The Mobility Revolution

Christoph Sollich
The Pitch Doctor

Trending Topic Talk

8 January, 17:15 CET/11:15am ET/8:15am PT

Strategic Innovation as a Profession: Roles, Responsibilities and Careers

Gina O'Connor
Professor of Innovation Management at Babson College

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