BRI, LLC is a professional consulting firm specializing in corporate innovation, new business growth, and business and product strategy development.


BRI, LLC is a professional consulting firm specializing in corporate innovation, new business growth, and business and product strategy development. They help companies grow and innovate by sharing decades of new business development experience through direct consulting, training courses, and their Growth Forge® strategy modeling and innovation management software developed specifically for the unique requirements of corporate innovation and growth organizations.

The principals of BRI have over 50 years of combined experience in new product and business innovation within Fortune 500 companies like Intel and IBM. They have personally led individual new business ventures as well as corporate new business incubation organizations across a range of vertical market segments, technologies, business models, at all stages from concept to maturity. Unlike many consultants, they have experience as practitioners inside large companies and have first-hand experience with the challenges their clients face, as well as the diversity of experience that comes from consulting with multiple clients on their common and unique challenges.

BRI primarily serves established medium to large organizations with focused investments in new business growth and innovation. In particular, they serve those pursuing growth via new business models or opportunities adjacent to their core business through internal business incubators or dedicated innovation organizations or wanting to establish such capabilities. Clients also include organizations seeking help with specific business or strategy challenges such as digital transformation or Platform Strategy development.

Once a solid foundation of innovation best practices and operational capabilities are in place, BRI’s Growth Forge® Innovation Management Software can help clients take internal control and ownership of scaling their new business growth and innovation capabilities. Growth Forge is a suite of cloud-based software as a service tools that help innovation teams formulate, model, and evaluate business strategies to iteratively develop concepts from a hypothesis into a real business. The software builds on many well-established tools, methods, and best practices but makes them interactive, adaptable, and interoperable. It combines aspects of project management, analytics, financial modeling, and collaboration software, all integrated and optimized for managing innovation, strategy, and new business growth at the project, group, or company-wide portfolio level.

For the new business champion, or 'intrapreneur,' the software provides a full suite of tools for modeling business strategy hypotheses and performing real-time analysis in a guided, iterative methodology. It includes extensive help describing key business and strategy terms in context and an extensive resource library of 3rd party resources covering all related topics.
For innovation or new business growth portfolio managers, the software provides a means of institutionalizing best practices for new business growth and innovation with the ability to customize and tailor them to their organization’s unique needs. It provides both aggregate and comparative analysis of the projects within the portfolio, and multiple levels of hierarchical portfolios.

Affiliate innovation & new business growth consulting firms can also use the Growth Forge software as a digital platform for collaborative portfolio and process management with their clients.

The service offers a suite of tools including the following categories:
Strategy & Business Modeling Tools - guide innovators through the creation of a complete business strategy hypothesis model including quantitative and qualitative analysis for evaluation.

Innovation Project Management Tools - help you iteratively refine your strategy hypothesis and drive towards successful commercialization (or pivot) by reducing uncertainty and risk with greater supporting evidence for critical assumptions.
Growth Portfolio Management Tools – designed specifically for growth and innovation portfolio managers and help proactively define, model, and manage your overall new business innovation portfolio and pipeline towards impactful outcomes.