The "must-read" + "must-do" handbook for everyone leading and doing innovation in large organizations.

The Innovator's Handbook 2024

Whilst innovation remains a top priority for every CEO, recently we have again witnessed that when markets are uncertain and costs need to be cut, “innovation” is also amongst the first to be impacted.

The last months have brought many challenges to tackle, and yet as many opportunities to explore. Never a dull moment in corporate innovation… so they say.

Looking forward, how can we as innovators contribute to our organization’s top and bottom line in sustainable and scalable ways?

You’ll find the answer to this fundamental question in this handbook, outlining the “what” and “how” for innovation management in 2024.

In the book, we’ve captured and summarized insights and takeaways from the 80+ online and in-person sessions we’ve hosted from September 2022 to August 2023.

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