Hypershift Systems

Hypershift Systems is redefining the market for innovation management solutions with an all-digital Innovation Performance Management Platform that brings together a systematic process for testing and validating business model innovations at scale, visualization of customer change as input to strategy, and onilne education and coaching to guide employee and partner innovation teams from around the world.

Hypershift’s IPM platform is in use by Global 500 organizations around the world. Visit us at: www.hypershift.systems

Hypershift’s Innovation Performance Management platform enables innovation departments to reliably contribute as strategic partners at the executive level. In the same way ERP and CRM systems have transformed other corporate functions, Hypershift’s IPM system provides the platform, process, data, and scale needed to reliably produce results from innovation investment.

To learn more about how innovation run at scale in an all-digital process can transform innovation programs, read this case study recently published by BerkeleyHaas/Harvard: "Bosch: Scaling Large Company Innovation for Strategic Advantage." Or, sign up here to register for news, blogs and events, or to request a meeting.


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