Lean Apps

Lean Apps solves 1 BIG problem for corporate innovation teams. "How to run lean experiments at SPEED and at SCALE?"

Most corporate innovations depend on internal teams or external agencies to run experiments. They have to involve procurement and legal teams and the whole idea of moving fast gets de-railed.

Lean Apps discovered this problem early on with some corporate innovation teams and hence created an experiment team to solve this. With team of devs, designers, marketers, video makers and data analytical people they can put any experiment live in 24-48 hours and have real data available for decision making in next 1-2 days.

Advantages you get:

  • Validate ideas with real users and collect "your own data" (YODA)
  • No more hassle to deal with procurement or legal teams in running experiments
  • Validation = customer puts real “skin in the game” (no vanity metrics)
  • Run off branded experiments - no more fear of damaging reputation



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