We started as intrapreneurs.

At Swisscom in 2015, Mark Randall presented a new innovation process called ‘Kickbox’. This inspired a team to try out the program at Swisscom and, after many success stories, other companies wanted a piece of it too. In 2021, the spin-off process was completed and we became rready. Having unleashed our own intrapreneurial power, we made it our mission to unleash it for everyone.

rready is a Swiss startup that engages your employees to create the next big thing. We stand for a playful approach without buzzword-bingo or innovation theatre. Intrapreneurship and the empowerment of employees are close to our hearts which is why passion is what makes us rready.

Are you rready to start an intrapreneurship movement in your organization and to create lasting cultural change, bottom-up?

Then become part of the KICKBOX movement and get access to our coaches, services and knowledge from your peers in our community.

Contact us now: https://www.rready.com/meetings/ron-santos/ron


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