Sparkademy offers a corporate learning program focused on the behavioural skills of the future: creativity, customer-centricity, innovation, and leadership.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and the latest research on learning and neuroscience to develop our content, digital platform and tools.

Large organizations such as the World Economic Forum and IBM agree that upskilling is the key to driving transformation forward. According to WEF the top skills for employees for the next 4 years are
· Analytical thinking and innovation
· Active learning and learning strategies
· Complex problem-solving
· Critical thinking and analysis
· Creativity, originality and initiative
· Leadership and social influence

Focusing on these key skills, we foster transformation by empowering our learners with the right tools and mindset, and breaking down silos through cohort-based and impact-driven learning. We identify the right people for the right training through our Spark Check, a tool based on neuroscientific research into innovation capabilities.

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Over the past year our clients such as PMI, Siemens and Cargill have achieved remarkable results while implementing the transformation track. In 2020 one client was able to gain 300 days in efficiency as well as reach cumulated cost saving and revenues of $14 million.

To learn more about the results our program helps our customers achieve see our success story.


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