Our mission is to help people – no matter where they’re based, or their innovation experience – solve the problems that matter to them, faster, with design thinking.

We know that organizations don’t get a lot of warning before mission-critical problems arise. Companies need to be able to crack on with solving them straight away, bringing together colleagues from across departments and geographies.

We also know that businesses don’t always have the time or money to send their teams on long training courses when a challenge arises, but that they do want them to develop the skills they need to find truly innovative solutions.

That’s why we created Sprintbase.

Sprintbase is a powerful process based innovation platform that enables organisations to solve problems, innovate and create measurable impact virtually. We help organizations take their innovation efforts online and systematically solve unexpected challenges with proven, ready-to-run project and workshop experiences grounded in the principles of human-centred design.

Whether your remote team needs to quickly build design thinking capability or tackle a critical challenge that has suddenly appeared, Sprintbase can help.

Need creative solutions to unexpected challenges? We can help If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can use Sprintbase to bring your teams together remotely to find creative solutions to the problems your organization is facing, and to build long lasting design thinking capability, we’d love to talk to you.

Get in touch via contact@sprintbase.io


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