In the last 5 years we were proud to feature on stage a wide range of great intrapreneurship case studies shared by a diverse group of 100+ corporate innovators.

It's hard to pick favourites, but if you're wondering how intrapreneurship is done in other companies (and what you can learn from their successes and mistakes) and why companies like IBM, Allstate and ING Bank foster intrapreneurship, here's a collection of five great stories from past events.

From Zero to Zorro in 90 Days

In 2015 Jean Marc Landry started a new chapter in his career, when he was asked to setup an innovation program for his company; a 40 year old lottery in Atlantic Canada. He had no experience at all in doing this. Essentially he was starting from ground zero. During this presentation (#IntraCnf Montréal), Jean Marc shared the approach that he took to setup the program which is achieving great early results.

You will learn about the program itself, but also about the conditions that are critical to succeeding as an Intrapreneur. You might also learn a few new chiac sayings along the way.


Intrapreneurship@IBM is a program designed to foster corporate entrepreneurship and help bring IBM’s innovation to market. IBM’s best ideas come from IBMers and this program exists to help bring those ideas to life. IBM set the record with 7,534 patents in 2014 — marking the 22nd consecutive year that the company topped the annual list of U.S. patent recipients.

Craig Rhinehart founded this program in 2014 as a way to help IBM commercialize this large treasure trove of intellectual property and more. Craig discussed the Intrapreneurship@IBM program during #IntraCnf New York.

You will learn how to dramatically increase employee engagement and create new revenue streams from existing assets and programs as well as why volunteers share their time and expertise to help drive IBM’s transformation through Intrapreneurship@IBM.

Intrapreneurs@Allstate: Bootstrapping a Movement

It started with a vision and two founders . . . then by word of mouth, plus continued testing and building, the intrapreneurs movement at Allstate has grown to an intrapreneur community of 250 with sponsors and mentors across the enterprise. 

In this case study recorded at #IntraCnf Chicago, Maria Racho shared the ins and outs of this intrapreneurial journey from a founder and sponsor viewpoint.

Why Talent is At the Core of Our Innovation Strategy

Talent plays a critical role in innovation at Thomson Reuters because without entrepreneurial employees, companies cannot be innovative. In this case study recorded at #IntraCnf Waterloo Region, Graham King spoke about the global approach taken by Thomson Reuters when it looks at attracting, developing, and retaining the top talent.

By first focusing on where the top talent is located, then leveraging innovation labs to access and attract that talent, Graham illustrated examples of how innovation activities can be driven through talent acquisition and talent development.

Scaled Agile: Everyone Intrapreneur

Small, self-managing, multidisciplinary teams without any hierarchy are the basis for ING’s approach with a new organization. ING, an international financial services provider based in the Netherlands, wants to be more agile and more innovative and considers the new way of working as the best way to achieve these goals.

Program director Payam Djavdan, one of the brains behind this scaled agile transformation, shared his experiences of "spotifying a bank" on stage during #IntraCnf Munich.

Want more examples? Join us for #IntraCnf Silicon Valley

You'll hear from (past) intrapreneurs and innovation leaders from Adobe, GE, Pearson, Cisco, Hearst Health, Intel Labs, Lowe, CBS, Bayer, Samsung, SAP, Kodak, Yammer, Vodafone, Fidelity Investments, Coca-Cola and Google X. See full speaker list and schedule here.