From experimentation to pivot, from diplomatic rebel to Chief Entrepreneurship Officer and governance for new ventures, we covered a lot of ground in week 6 of the Innov8rs Connect Unconference.

Check below for short snippets from key concepts as discussed.

The 6 Pillars to Build a Machine That Launches Better Products Faster

One of the key pillars for a 10x Growth Machine – a separate entity within your organization that launches and scales new ventures – is dedicated growth governance. Misha de Sterke shared with us the what and how of such governance.

How to Plan and Run a Successful Online Employee Ideation Challenge

As a result of COVID-19, organizations have had to adapt overnight to how their teams collaborate while slightly modifying to completely reinventing how their products and services are delivered.

To adapt to this change more quickly, many companies have turned to digital ideation challenges to engage employees and their ideas to discover new ways to drive growth, increase efficiency, and better meet rapidly changing customer needs.

Coby Skonord shared practical tips for running ideation challenges effectively and successfully.

The Invincible Company

Invincible companies not only know how to design superior business models but they constantly reinvent themselves.

In his book The Invincible Company, Alexander Osterwalder demonstrates how any organization can become unstoppable by managing a portfolio of existing businesses and by simultaneously exploring a pipeline of potential new growth engines.

Alex joined us to share key elements of this approach. In this snippet, he zooms in on Ping An’s example of creating a different culture for “Explore” and “Exploit”, answering a question from the audience if we’d need to be OK with “249 out of 250 initiatives fail”.

Diplomatic Rebels – Disrupting Large Organizations From Within

How to challenge status quo with disruptive and provocative new ideas and projects – without losing the support and respect from colleagues and management?

This is a difficult balance and many intrapreneurs either give up and do as they are told, or they burn out and leave. To overcome this, you need to balance the rebel nature of the innovator with the diplomatic skills of the corporate navigator.

Check this snippet to understand the 5 habits of high impact intrapreneurs, as shared by David Gram.

Venture Pivot Workshop

Pivoting is never easy, and often a venture only has one shot at getting it right. Nothing should be left to chance, and all influencing factors should be weighed.

Sebastian Müller introduced their framework for successful pivoting and provide input on COVID-19-related megatrends, making pivots relevant.

Lean Experimentation: The Fastest Way To Go From Idea To Revenue

Opinion versus data? Narjeet made a compelling case for basing all your decisions on data in the experimentation phase. In fact, to get to the top of their evidence meter you’ll need to get your customers to actually have skin in the game, as explained in this snippet.