Innovability® at ENEL - How Does It Work (And What Can You Learn From It)

Angelo Rigillo

Head of Innovation Governance, Intelligence and Partnerships at Enel Group

as recorded on 17 May 2022 as part of Innov8rs Unconference

Angelo Rigillo spoke about how the importance to innovate is necessary to survive to the changes of the context where big companies operate. In applying the Open Innovability model, Enel works with an ecosystem of startups, universities, governments and large companies, pursuing the aim to innovate to be sustainable and to create sustainable value.

About the speaker

As the Head of Innovation Governance Intelligence and Partnerships, Angelo reports to the Chief Innovability Officer of Enel Group. His role consists in providing Enel innovation with structure, processes and tools to enable the innovation activities to be effective and aligned across the business lines, in signing partnerships with big corporations and in studying the evolution of technology and business models that may unlock new opportunities for Enel and for the whole industry. Angelo has launched the first Enel Innovability® crowdsourcing website,, through which the Company has published around 200 challenges and is now able to reach more than 500k innovators worldwide. Angelo joined Enel Strategic Planning department in 2009, and before moving to the newborn Innovability area in 2015, he contributed to the Group’s Strategy and to some M&A activities including a public equity offering. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and a master in Corporate Innovation from ESADE business school.

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