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Have you ever faced a problem that left you thinking, “I can’t be the first person to have gone through this – there must be someone that has solved this before me”?

Have you ever felt alone while going through a rough patch and wished you had more support to help you through? Have you ever felt that you are the bottleneck and that your decisions make or break your future?

Many CEOs and successful entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars to join advisory groups where their peers help them navigate challenges and enjoy the collective wisdom of the community. That’s part of why they seem so brilliant.

We are now opening enrollment again for the next cohorts of Peer Circles for corporate innovators- offering you the support and encouragement that will help you excel.


Carefully matched peers

Circles consist of 6-9 peers selected based on their past experience, current scope and future goals- all ready to share their lessons learned and co-create solutions to your challenges.

3-months of dedicated support

During the 3-months program, you’ll join six circle meetings. These are not just random chit-chat-y calls. They are being facilitated following the unique circles meeting methodology, that has been developed together with advisors from MIT, Harvard, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and Young Presidents Organization. Our professional facilitators are experienced in making the circle meetings engaging and effective, and they make sure that everyone gets their share of asking and giving.

A safe space for open and honest conversations

Circles are hosted by professional facilitators, with subject matter experts available to join at request of the group to answer any open questions and share best practices. You’ll experience a safe, confidential and consultant-free environment where you can have those conversations you may not be comfortable having with your colleagues, friends, partners, or even your family.

No travel required- join from where you are

The circles meetings happen online, for 90 minutes every other week. You can join from the comfort of your desk or couch, reducing the time you need to invest, and completely eliminating travel costs.

The peer group you’ve been waiting for all along.

Here’s what you’ll get out of joining a Peer Circle:

  • Access to a curated group of 6-9 carefully matched peers
  • 3-months of dedicated support, following a time-tested methodology
  • Bi-weekly 90-min meetings, facilitated by a professional circle guide
  • All through a customized and secure video platform, so no need to travel!

The next cohorts of Innov8rs Peer Circles start at September 17, 19, 24 and 26.

You’ll  choose the starting date that best matches your agenda once your application has been accepted, and

Apply to join via the button below.

You will hear back within 48 hours. If accepted, participation to your 3-months Peer Circle program comes at €745 / $875.


Loved by participants

I like the fact that I can share openly my thought and challenges in my daily work and also the level of empathy that this intimate circle creates. I have gained more self-esteem in my position and also I understand better the professional challenges that I need to cope with. This has been a great opportunity to meet “colleagues” from around the world, and gain effective tools for my job.

A really good experience! The other participants also had lots of experience, so we got a clear (and most of the time painful) understanding of the challenges we face. It is very interesting and reassuring to know that it’s not just you that faces these issues, but that the issues plaguing corporate innovators are by and large the same. Also great to have an experienced facilitator to guide the discussions.

Trusted by brands

Questions & Answers

All peers in your circle are selected after application only, and we only accept corporate innovation practitioners- no consultants. We assemble a group based on applications’ past experience, current scope and future goals, so that there’s a proper balance between getting and giving. We value diverse perspectives and so you’ll always find a mix of companies and industries represented in all circles.

All circle participants agree upfront to keep whatever is discussed as part of the circles, confidential, and to respect privacy norms. Our peer circles are a safe space for open and candid conversations for like minded people who have shared goals. In our selection process we’ll make sure to not accept peers from competing brands to one cohort.

Circles meetings are all held online so you can join from the comfort of your desk or couch, reducing the time you need to invest, and completely eliminating travel costs. You’ll get a link to an online meeting room that will be used for all sessions. You can join from your desktop, tablet or phone, although we strongly suggest using video for max engagement for everyone.

Circles are hosted by professional facilitators, with subject matter experts available to join at request of the group to answer any open questions and share best practices. So when the group agrees it’s valuable to get this outside advise, the facilitator will arrange for that.

Participating in a circle requires a time commitment of 6 x 90-min meetings, following a bi-weekly schedule, so over a period of 12 weeks.

To ensure a quality experience, we ask you to apply first. Based on your experience, scope and goals, as well as the topic you’d like to focus on, we match you with others. If accepted, you will get confirmation, access details and an invoice, due before the circle starts. Enrollment comes at €745 / $875.

You don't need to go alone.

Apply to join a peer circle today.


Any other questions?

Contact Hans Balmaekers via hans@innov8rs.co