27pilots Deloitte

27pilots helps companies to gain competitive advantage from top global startups, and the startup ecosystem at large. We do this through our proven Venture Client Solutions, that is services, technology and data to build, improve and grow internal Venture Client capabilities and to operate their Venture Client Units.


27pilots - a Deloitte Business is the leading provider of Venture Client solutions. These enable companies to effectively and purposefully buy from startups and to use them for their own benefit.

27pilots' services and solutions focus on building and operating world-class Venture Client Units and capabilities within companies. The Venture Client Model was developed by 27pilots founder Gregor Gimmy, who was innovation manager at BMW in 2015, where he set up the world's first Venture Client Unit - the BMW Startup Garage - and led it until 2018. In June 2018, he spun off 27pilots to enable more companies around the world to build and operate Venture Client Units with consulting, technology and data.

In January 2023, 27pilots became part of Deloitte and is responsible for the global venture client solutions offering under the brand 27pilots - a Deloitte business. Well-known clients include Airbus, the BMW Group, Bosch Group, Siemens Energy and Holcim.