Yumana is the French leader in innovation and intrapreneurship management. Our mission: providing our clients with the best-in-class solution to drive their innovation portfolio from idea to value.

Since 2006, Yumana’s software Suite has been the driver behind innovation ecosystems for more than 100 customers such as Orange, Vinci and extends across all industries. Combining cutting-edge AI-powered innovation management software, proven methodology and a team of dedicated experts, our unique approach has delivered concrete and measurable results for all our clients. Choose Yumana: innovate at scale.


Yumana provides you with the best-in-class solution to drive your innovation portfolio from idea to value.

Why? Because corporate innovation is not easy. And we made it our mission to help you turn it around.

1. We give you the opportunity to learn how to collect and engage from the best:

With Yumana’s methodology, co-built with industry leaders, draw from your peers’ experience and learn how to maximize engagement from your target audience.

Our user-centric, data-driven and AI-powered platform is the right tool for you: it is key to attracting your target users and making them the ambassadors of your innovation program.

Get advice from our team of experts: they led more than thousands of projects to success! They’ll fill you in on which drivers to activate to maximize engagement.

2. We give you the best tools to focus your resources where they will have the greatest impact

You’ve collected more ideas than you can handle on your own? You don’t know which contribution to kill and which to keep? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Designed to make your life easier, Darwin is your new intelligent innovation assistant. Combining AI with your platform’s data to identify the most promising ideas for your business, it helps you direct your efforts where they will quickly bear fruit.

3. We help you get to the business value of your innovation program

Don’t worry about proving your program’s worth anymore. With Yumana’s customized dashboards, increasing your program’s value becomes easy.

Track your communities’ engagement, identify roadblocks and use real-time data to only act on the ideas with the highest potential. Whether it's operational performance, revenue generation or environmental impact, the Yumana Suite will help you reach your goals while demonstrating your program’s true value.

Choose Yumana for your organization

More than 100 clients have chosen to work with us: Orange, L’Oréal, Vinci, Carrefour, Safran, Thales and many more. Every year, we help them engage hundreds of thousands of employees and get to the business value of their innovation program.

But don’t just take our word for it: try Yumana for yourself!