Unleash the full potential of your employees and create the next big thing

GETKICKBOX is a Swiss corporate venture dedicated to making innovation in organisations measurable, manageable and visible. GETKICKBOX helps entrepreneurial spirit find its way into large organisations by automating and streamlining their innovation funnel through a modular online B2B SaaS platform that is backed by a proven method.

So far GETKICKBOX has empowered 1000+ intrapreneurs in global companies like Roche, Siemens Energy or Implenia resulting in cases such as help2type, aSport, noow and many more.

The methodology enables every employee to take an active role in the company's innovation process: submitting and validating their own ideas. No gates are set in the beginning of the process and every idea giver has the chance to prove the idea as valuable to the company. As a result, many people dive into an innovation process, learn hands-on methodologies such as lean startup and are given a chance to prove themselves and their ideas valuable to the company.

Motivation fuels creativity. Create a culture of innovation by enabling your employees to bring their ideas to life.

With GETKICKBOX, you can give them the framework and tools they need to transform their idea into real change.

The KICKBOOK guides your employees through its validation journey. It was written by GETKICKBOX and co-created by +100 experts in corporate innovation!

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