The moonshot management platform that tracks, guides and educates innovation efforts across your company. GroundControl helps innovation managers in making innovation manageable, measurable and visible. It guides teams with a clear structure and focuses on learning the right thing at the right time.

GroundControl is developed for the innovation manager that already had some lift-off with multiple corporate startups, and is now looking for a base of operations to guide their moonshots further whilst improving and professionalizing their journey.

“Can you show me the value of your innovation efforts?” At some point the board will want some kind of accountability for the investments done in Innovation. Even if they understand that ROI is something they cannot ask for (yet), what do you report on? GroundControl gives you, apart from insight in the progress of all of your innovation teams, a way to analyze the progress of the innovation portfolio as well as data to report on that progress.

How do you govern the quality of the innovation program company-wide? The more teams get involved in your innovation program, the more relevant this question becomes. GroundControl offers a way to ensure that there is a unified structure in working towards the same goals by the same principles, whilst still leaving room for creativity and entrepreneurial decisions along the way.

GroundControl involves the principles of Innovation Accounting in its measurement and analysis of innovation, which co-founder Esther Gons is writing the same-titled book “Innovation Accounting” about, together with Dan Toma, as a follow up of their best selling book (written together with Tendayi Viki) “The Corporate Startup”.

GroundControl is part of NEXT Amsterdam, the company that has been working on innovation strategy for Corporates, and that has been mentoring startups, as well as investing in them, for over 10 years.

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