IdeaGuides will guide your team(s) towards collaborative and highly productive idea generation and decision-making.

They provide…

Meeting Facilitation

    • Ideation/Brainstorming sessions
    • Off-sites and Executive Retreats
    • Strategic planning

Training Workshops

    • Facilitating Ideation Sessions
    • Cultivating Creativity
    • Leading Effective & Engaging Meeting

Team Building & Development


IdeaGuides are like tour guides: guiding clients through the world of innovation, teams, solutions, problem solving, and strategic planning. They are a San Francisco Bay Area Company and they will travel the globe to work with you.


Look at their books, tools, games and multiple workshops all to cultivate your and your team’s creativity at the Creativity Cultivator:


Honig IdeaGuides have worked with some of the largest and smallest organizations in practically every industry including BASF, Getty Museum, National Institute of Science and Technology, Pergo Floors, Balfour Beatty, Wells Fargo Bank, Coca cola, Mattel Toys, The US Army, and the FDA.


Bruce Honig, the Chief Executive Facilitator has over 35 years experience in leading creative thinking processes for individuals and groups.

He is the author and inventor of over 8 books and games on creative thinking, including Creative Collaboration.

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