innovation-3 is a consulting agency focused on non-incremental innovation since 10 years. It works with 50% of the companies on the prime German stock index and European / global leaders such as e.g. bp, Philips and Airbus.

In the last two years, innovation-3’s focus has been on helping its clients to generate business impact with the corporate startups and ventures that they launched or invested in.

This is a pressing and massive problem for many companies. Statistics show that 85-90% of these vehicles never make it to business impact. As a consequence, companies burn huge sums of money and the fall short of their transformation ambitions.

Together with more than 20 leading companies Frank Mattes has developed a framework to solve this problem. This framework is branded as the Lean Scaleup™ One example of how this framework is being applied and the benefits is bp’s “Scaling-Up factory” (check . bp’s ambition is to create 5 new unicorn in 5 years. The corporate startups and ventures in there are well underway towards this goal.

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