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The Innovation360 Group helps organizations establish an adaptable innovation process and foster a culture of innovation.

Its data-driven action plans are based on analytics from thousands of innovative projects over many years. In today’s intricately connected global marketplace, characterized by extreme competition and the daily appearance of new competitors, disruption is the status quo.

Innovation360 Group is recognized as a leading international innovation management firm, with a growing presence in 45 countries and operations in nearly all major language groups. From its executive offices in New York and Stockholm, it oversees worldwide initiatives through a network of accredited practitioners trained in Innovation360 Group’s methodology.

It has aggregated the world’s largest database of concepts in practical innovation and developed Sherlock, the first AI program devoted to deep mind pattern recognition within innovation data.

Sustainability-Oriented Innovation Assessment

How Can We Get Better at Innovating for Environmental-Sustainability Benefits?

The urgency and importance of the sustainability imperative faced by all humanity needs no introduction. Whole production and consumption systems must be totally transformed within the next decades. To meet this great challenge of our generation, we must harness our collective ingenuity and energy to innovate solutions that solve many sustainability problems. These crucial endeavors cannot be left to government or nonprofits – the contribution of the private sector is absolutely essential if we are to achieve the transformations that we need, at the scale we need, and in the short time frame we have left to do it.

Sustainability-Oriented Innovation (SOI) and its relevance

Sustainability-orientated innovation (SOI) – also called green innovation or eco innovation – is any innovation undertaken for either the primary or secondary purpose of achieving environmental- sustainability benefits. SOI includes innovations undertaken to lower resource or energy consumption, lower GHG emissions or other forms of pollution, implement circular or restorative business models, protect biodiversity, etc.

If innovation is to play a big part in finding solutions to our global sustainability challenge, then we all need to get better quickly at this special type of innovation that will yield the real sustainability benefits and improvements our planet and society so desperately need at this time.

What is SustainnovationTM and how does it complement InnoSurvey®?

Innovation in general is not easy, but succeeding at sustainability-oriented innovation (SOI) requires even stronger innovation capabilities in several areas.

InnoSurvey® offers a powerful 360-degree assessment of an organization’s innovation capabilities in general. SustainnovationTM is a unique new innovation-assessment tool that drills down to the specific innovation capabilities needed to yield sustainability benefits. It tests for what sustainability benefits have already been realized, which barriers still stand in the way, and where a company is on its overall journey to become a true agent of change in the area of sustainability innovation.

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