Kromatic is a global partnership of innovation coaches, offering workshops and consulting to a wide range of accelerators, corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies.

Our team helps executives build sustainable innovation ecosystems, and helps entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs get new products into new markets as fast as possible. Using the principles of lean, agile, and design thinking, we teach you to overcome obstacles to innovation so you can transform your business and disrupt your industry before your competitors do.

With 56 partners in 16 countries, our coaches are real entrepreneurs, training leaders to re-design processes and environments into innovation ecosystems that give your company a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our customized consulting services are focused on developing innovation as a core competency for your business, with experienced practitioners teaching you how to transform how your company innovates. By providing your team with concrete tools and changing your innovation mindset, we help you build a process of continuous innovation.

Our programs are tailored to executives, teams, and individual team members. We help upgrade both your individual and team skills with practical experience working on your own, real-world innovation projects. Clients can choose from one of four programs, including Team Coaching, Innovation Coaching Training, Master Coach Certification, and Innovation Leadership. Each program offers a curriculum selected from more than 60 individual modules, each tailored to a specific innovation concept, such as Experiment Design, Business Model Innovation, and Innovation Accounting.

All of our programs and individual modules are available online or through in-person workshops, led by coaches with real entrepreneurial experience, giving you feedback on your real-world projects. Our vision is to build exponential innovators, with each leader we train becoming a leader to others, paving the road for the next generation of disruptors.

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Create a culture of innovation that will scale to an entire organization.

How can startup culture be maintained when growing the company? How can existing companies bring startup culture into their teams? Maintaining an innovative culture is a competitive advantage. Participants will examine their own work in building an innovation culture and explore how to measure innovation in a larger context.

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