Hi, We're MING Labs. We're a strategic design firm, focused on sustainable growth.

We design, we write code, and we love the business side of it all. We are hired to work on new problems together, instead of telling people what they want to hear.

We do both strategy & production. To name a few: research, insights, business design, customer journeys, value mapping; UX, prototypes, design, and development. We're trying to make things work well both for clients who pay for them — and for humans who end up using them.

What you’re getting from MING is a team of, say, five people who’ll work with you day in and day out, and they will bring you somewhere new. Which is perhaps exactly where you’d like to end up.

Be it new products, services, or ventures, we are up for the challenge. We love to work with aligned incentives, so we win when you win.

Want to learn more? Visit us via minglabs.com


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