Resourceful Humans

Resourceful Humans is an HR Technology Enterprise.

Our Purpose is to evolve the Human Condition through Work Technology. Our products help Companies run their Organization as an Entrepreneurial Network with Zero Bureaucracy. They range from Cinematic, Virtual Reality Experiences for Leadership teams to video game inspired AI-powered Collaboration Tools.

Using our solutions result in 100% Entrepreneurship and 0% Bureaucracy, and a lot of positive emotions unleashed.

The VR Dive allows leadership teams to experience the power of network leadership in a breath-taking VR adventure.

The VR Dive is an ingenious simulation of one of the most remarkable leadership experiments in history.

As newly appointed commander (now retired) of the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe, David Marquet faced a ship dogged by poor morale, the worst performance in the fleet and very limited time to prove itself worthy of not being dissolved. In an incredibly courageous ploy, he brought a completely new leadership mindset to the team which fundamentally changed their methods and achieved a vastly more powerful model of giving control.

It’s this exceptional success story which gave birth to The VR Dive: The expertise of professionals and the wisdom of years compressed into a one-day VR experience.

Like David Marquet, you can expose your team to the exact same environment; undertaking high-pressure challenges but with a radical new level of individual control. With all members assuming leadership responsibility, you will gain a new awareness of what needs to change to reach where you want to be: an ultra-high performance team.

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