Scoutely is a research-backed data management platform, streamlining start-up discovery and opportunity assessment and helping to break the organizational barriers that block effective partnering.


Why Scoutely?

Scoutely helps perfect the pipelining efforts. And make better collective decisions fast enough to compete.

With Scoutely:
• You keep all data in one place - not in people’s heads, inboxes, and spreadsheets. And save hours in coordination time.
• You’ll engage in 1:1 conversations with start-ups and at scale without disturbing daily routines.
• You reduce the time needed to reach internal alignment on start-up priorities and candidates from months to weeks.
• You give start-ups a better experience, from first contact to decision, due to reduced response time and simplified communications.
• You reduce the risks of poor selections and the related financial, reputational, and opportunity costs.

Who do we serve?

Scoutely is purpose-built for Open Innovation, R&D, Innovation Scouting, and Corporate Venturing teams in large and mid-sized organizations.

Industry sectors include Food, Energy, Manufacturing, Tech, Health, Finance, and Insurance.

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