Startgrid helps companies get optimal results from their external innovation efforts.

From capturing internal business needs to finding the best solutions in the startup ecosystem, Startgrid helps teams manage relationships, share intelligence and get to market faster.

We offer:
- Better market intelligence to grow your network and focus scouting efforts in the right areas to get to the solution that is the best fit for your organization.
- One-stop innovation management at scale to capture demand across teams, assess fit of potential solutions, and manage relationships all in one place to make better decisions, faster.
- Comprehensive view into performance so you can quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of your network, evaluate what’s working and report on the value of your innovation efforts.

Startgrid is used by some of the world’s largest companies to drive innovation strategy and create competitive advantage. To learn why, visit us at or click here to see a quick demonstration of our product.

To learn more on how we think about innovation and what we believe are some good practices for innovation teams, get our ebook “Enterprise Ecosystems”.


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