Accelerate learning.Improve performance.

Most large companies are now taking innovation seriously. But that doesn’t mean our lives as corporate innovators are getting easier.

The pace of change is high. The pressure for results is on. And you’re operating without a playbook. To succeed, you want to know what’s working in other companies. You are looking for ways to be more effective. And you’d love to get support from others who’ve been there and done that.

But you don’t have the time to go to all those conferences. In fact, most conferences don’t provide any tangible value. And 95% of the content you’re bombarded with all the time through your social media is just crap.

We help you cut through the noise, so that you do get to explore only what’s real and relevant.

Accelerate your learning and improve your performance with the Innov8rs Membership, covering everything corporate innovation from A to Z and from start to scale.

Everything corporate innovation from start to scale.

A mash-up of Netflix and LinkedIn.

As a member, you’ll have access to a personalized feed of curated high quality content and live sessions, organized in channels and groups. You can easily ask questions, bounce off ideas and share small and big wins with experts and peers all around the world- without the spammy noise of social media.

Know what’s working today and prepare for tomorrow.

Organized in channels and groups, you’ll find the best and latest on topics like

— Succeeding with innovation labs, incubators, and accelerators
— Structuring, scaling, and sustaining intrapreneurship programs
— Building cultures of innovation, entrepreneurial mindsets, and skills
— Innovation management, funding, and metrics
— Leadership buy-in and organizational alignment
— Experimentation, agile working, and rapid prototyping
— Digital transformation and organizational effectiveness

Here's what's included.

Exclusive Live Sessions and Online Masterclasses

Hands-on and interactive sessions facilitated by the best innovation experts and leadership coaches, sharing their cross-industry expertise and experiences.

Choose from 50+ on-demand classes, and join 5+ live sessions every month to learn new strategies, practical frameworks and best practices.

Curated Collection of Digital content

Ongoing stream of inspiring talks, in-depth case studies and thought-provoking articles, served in a personalized feed through our AI-powered platform. Check out 250+ videos from our past events and other events, and be the first to get access to new videos, mini-courses and guidebooks created exclusively for Innov8rs Members.

Global Community to Connect and Collaborate

Easy access to other innovators and experts, to ask questions, share progress and get feedback and support. No cat pictures or food porn, but open and targeted conversations and connections with peers from other companies and industries. Whatever your question, someone will be able to answer.

On the spot. On the go.

We teamed up with award-winning platform Edcast for the best possible digital learning experience.

It’s not just a traditional boring LMS but an AI-powered platform that enables ongoing and personalized micro-learning, and facilitates actual knowledge sharing and collaboration.

You’ll be able to learn, share and collaborate from your laptop and mobile- seamlessly.

Who else is there?

Most of the Innov8rs Members have innovation in their title.

All have innovation as their mindset.

You’ll be part of a curated tribe of

— Intrapreneurs or corporate entrepreneurs
— Innovation (program) managers and directors
— Heads of labs, incubators, and accelerators
— Corporate venturing, strategy, and business development managers
— R&D and product development professionals
— HR and organizational transformation leaders

You are not the only craze one.

The #1 glocal community for corporate innovators. Trusted by

Everyone up to speed, all the time.

Whether you are the Chief Innovation Officer or intrapreneur for a side-project, we’ve got you covered.

For every role within the innovation function, there’s more than enough live sessions and content to choose from, organized in channels and groups.

Most companies register their core innovation teams plus the innovation champions, catalysts and coaches (or whatever name you give them) working in the business, to make sure everyone is up to date, all the time.

On top of all membership benefits, teams also get a private group for in-company sharing, dedicated onboarding and success support and 1:1’s with contributing experts at requests, plus 15% discount on any academy programs and summits.

Start today.

Learn new frameworks. Understand best practices. Develop crucial skills. Discuss challenges with peers.

When, where and as often as you need it.

Think of your innov8rs membership like Netflix (but then educational) mixed with LinkedIn (but then targeted, curated and spam-free).

Enrollment is now open at special discounts to celebrate our launch, but seats are limited. Join your tribe… sign up via the buttons below.


Monthly Membership
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  • Full access to all items, including
  • Exclusive Live Sessions and Masterclasses
  • Curated Collection of Digital content
  • Global Community to Connect and Collaborate
  • Free trial for 3 days

Team Membership

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  • Full access to all items for your full team, including
  • Exclusive Live Sessions and Masterclasses
  • Curated Collection of Digital content
  • Global Community to Connect and Collaborate
  • 25% Discount on Innov8rs Events

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