Last week, we discussed everything Careers & Personal Development for innovation leaders and innovation do-ers, during the fifth in our series of eight Innov8rs Connect events.

From the many resourced shared amongst participants, here are 6 articles that may be useful when reflecting on your (career and personal development) goals for the year.

Setting Career Priorities When Everything Is Uncertain

When you head into any new year, it’s natural to think about where your career stands and where it’s going. This year, it may be challenging to understand your career priorities and do anything about them, given the continuing uncertainty surrounding our work lives. You may worry that your career will become directionless with all this volatility. But here are four tips that can help you not only weather the uncertainty around you but even find a way to leverage it for your future benefit.

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How to Figure Out What You Want Next in Your Career

Whether you’re making a complete career change or want to refocus your current role on what feels most meaningful to you, pivots can feel dizzying. However, drafting a simple scorecard of what you do and don’t want can change the process into one that’s energizing and meaningful rather than daunting. To do that, focus on the three Ps: purpose, people, and pace. Here's framework to help determine what you value most.

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How to Have a Second Career as an Innovation Consultant

When you picture a first-year consultant you might imagine a fresh graduate mired in Excel sheets and PowerPoints but there is another class: the experienced hire. As an experienced hire, you are an old dog learning new tricks, having to rapidly adapt your working style to the consulting format. You may have launched companies and run business units. But working as an innovation consultant will still be a change in mindset. Experienced hires are vital to enriching the pool of people yet so many fail to get into the industry or crash out within a year. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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How to Thrive (and Survive) in a Career in Corporate Innovation

A career in innovation is not for the faint of heart. While start-ups and entrepreneurs get all the press, intrapreneurs ride a similar roller-coaster of uncertainty. The average tenure of executives in innovation specific roles is 4.4 years. Tenures get are a bit longer for VPs (5.4 years) and a bit shorter for Managers (3.3 years). Here are 4 tips to help you have the best and safest possible corporate innovation career.

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Ten Monster Projects That Will Kill Your Career As an Intrapreneur

No matter how good we are, it’s easy to set us up for failure, because the most critical phase of a project happens before the team is even assembled. It’s the point at which we define the project. Some projects are achievable, some are not. A few fall into the realm of B-movie horror shows we wish we weren’t starring in. Here’s a list of the top ten monster projects that could kill a career along with a simple ranking system.

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The Power of Unlearning

Highly effective leaders are constantly searching for inspiration and new ideas. But before any real breakthroughs can happen, we need to step away from the old models, mindsets, and behaviors that are limiting our potential and current performance. Unlearning is the process of letting go, reframing, and moving away from once-useful mindsets and acquired behaviors. It’s not forgetting, removing, or discarding knowledge or experience; it’s a conscious act of letting go of outdated information and actively taking in new information to inform effective decision-making and action. Unlearning will help you discover how to break through the barriers that hold you back to achieve the extraordinary results

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