Time To Connect.

We all know that innovation is now needed more than ever. But we also know it has never been easy to succeed with innovation.

As innovation leaders and professionals, we play a crucial role for our organizations in the current context. Yet often it feels like we’re living on an island. We’re facing many new and old challenges, but we’re all too busy to breathe.

What’s working, what’s not? What keeps on bothering you, your team, your leadership? How can you improve your approach, find ways to work smarter and engage your stakeholders effectively- all still remotely?

Don't be too busy to innovate how you innovate.

Join Innov8rs Connect to take a step back, to reflect and refocus, so that you are better positioned to get results.

Tons of questions. Time to get answers.

Join 500+ cross-industry innovation leaders and professionals for the Innov8rs Connect series between November 2020 and March 2021.

You will
✓  Understand what’s working in other companies
✓  Benchmark your approach and performance
✓  Explore new approaches and develop new skills


Everything Corporate Innovation A-Z

Each of the six events in this series covers one key pillar for success.

You’ll dive into the most important themes crucial for  innovators across industries. Each event offers you a wide range of live sessions and peer circles to join, as well as content to consume and a diverse community to engage with.

You’ll leave with a deep understanding of what works (and what doesn’t) in other companies and industries, so that you can implement what you learned in order to improve your innovation outcomes.

For more information about the speakers and for the full agenda per event, check the dedicated event pages via the links below.


- Ideation, Incubation & Business Design- Venture Building & Portfolio Management

In the second event of this Innov8rs Connect series, we’ll explore what’s working now in doing innovation:  going from idea to business impact.

Whether you are part of an innovation team testing ideas, launching new ventures and scaling up businesses, or you define how that process is being done at your company, you’ll get new insights to tweak your approach and increase your chances of success.

You’ll meet and work with experts like Frank Mattes (Lean Scaleup), Manfred Tropper (mantro), Morten Benn (Nosco), Rafael Chaves Lopes, (Trimaran), Paul Hawkins (Crazy Might Work), Mike Burn & Greg Galle (Think Wrong to Solve Next), Olivia Wong (Senior Partner at Prototype Thinking Labs), Misha de Sterke (Senior Partner at Innoleaps, Paulo Malta (Managing Partner at Innovsky), Ken Tencer (CEO at Sypder Works), Elyas Munye (MING Labs), Coby Skonord (Ideawake) and Jennifer Creech (Ezassi)

Plus innovation leaders like Karen Roter Davis (X, the moonshot factory), Carissa Callini (NASA), Yngvar Ugland (DNB), Mathieu Menet (La Ruche tl), Krystal Kolodziejak (Farm Credit Canada), Nick de Blasio (Nestlé), Nicole Walker (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas), Michael Nichols (Bosch), Steven Astorino (IBM) and Ed Essey (Microsoft).

Stay tuned... More coming soon!



- Careers, Personal Development & Wellbeing

EVENT 4/6 | 25-29 JANUARY

- SDG's, Climate & Positive Impact

EVENT 5/6 | 22-26 FEBRUARY

- Foresight, Trends & Startup Scouting- Ecosystem Engagement & Startup Collaboration

EVENT 6/6 | 15-19 MARCH

- Culture, Talent & Teams

For this event, the main week with live sessions now over. All content is available to event participants and for Innov8rs Community members with a Content Pass or Premium Pass.

EVENT 1/6 | 16-20 NOVEMBER

- Strategy, Leadership & Governance- Funding, Accounting & Metrics

We start this Innov8rs Connect series by looking at the fundamentals for any innovation team to get right first and foremost.

From a well-aligned but flexible innovation strategy, effective leadership and tailored governance models, to getting a grip on innovation funding, accounting and metrics, join this event to upgrade how innovation is being managed at your organization.

Some of the experts and peers you’ll meet and work with:

Tendayi Viki (Author of Pirates In The Navy, Associate Partner at Strategyzer) | Barry O’Reilly (Author of Unlearning) | Gina O’Connor (Professor of Innovation Management at Babson College) | Jennifer Riel (Global Director, Strategy at IDEO and adjunct professor at the Rotman School of Management) | Brant Cooper (Author of The Lean Entrepreneur, CEO at Moves The Needle) | Steve Schwartz (Managing Partner at The Inovo Group) | Simone Ahuja (Author of Disrupt It Yourself and Innovation Strategist at Blood Orange) | Tristan Kromer (Innovation Coach and Founder at Kromatic) | Stefan Lindegaard (Founder of Growth Mindset Lab) | Andre Marquis (CEO of Hypershift Systems and Senior Fellow in Entrepreneurship at U.C. Berkeley and Stefan Dierks (Partner at MHP – A Porsche Company) | Lorrie Vogel (Former Vice President, Material Sciences and Innovation, Nike) | Christian Lindener (Global Head of Airbus BizLabs at Airbus) | Jason Wild (Senior Vice President, Innovation and Global Leader, Ignite at Salesforce) | Domhnaill Hernon (VP, Research & Innovation at Nokia Bell Labs) and Holly O’Driscoll (Founder & CEO at Ampersand Innovation, LLC, former Global Design Thinking Leader at P&G) | Fatema Pirone (Senior Director, Enterprise Innovation at CIBC) | Heather Wishart-Smith (Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Jacobs) | Tim Kidd (Innovation Excellence Manager at DSM) | Bernd Zimmermann (Global Head of Organization Development & Innovation at Siemens Healthcare)

Bring Your Team. Boost Your Impact.

You can focus on one key topic and get to the bottom of it. Or, you can divide and conquer to catch the best and latest on all key themes and trends.

With our team packages you get a great deal on tickets- but even greater outcomes.

With so many issues to tackle and so much change happening so fast, you will benefit from your team  joining too.


Not your typical event: you'll learn and do stuff.

You’re busy, of course. You let us know what your questions and challenges are, and based on that we’ll curate a program that is relevant for you (so you can invest your time wisely).

Forget pointless powerpoints. You’ll roll up your sleeves, and work with peers and experts in interactive small group sessions. And no theoretic blabla: you’ll focus on whatever is most important to you.

Whatever your challenges are, and regardless of industry and innovation maturity, you’ll leave with new, practical insights and an upgraded toolbox, to implement right away.

In the main week of the event, you can choose to join a diverse range of 20+ interactive small group sessions and peer circles as they happen. You can also host your own sessions to ask for feedback or share your approach.

For four weeks per event, starting one week prior to the main week and ending two weeks after, you can dive into our library with relevant content including session recordings from past events.

Also, on the community platform you can easily tap into the expertise and experiences of peers and experts, available to share their knowledge, provide guidance and discuss topics. All available 24/7, so you can engage whenever you want.


Live Sessions

In the event's main week you can join 20+ interactive group sessions. Talks, Workshops and Ask Me Anything's, all covering what you need to know and do now.

Peer Circles

Join facilitated and closed-door small-group conversations with peers from other companies and industries. Get unbiased feedback on your particular challenge, or share your story of success, failure and anything in between with others.


Of course, we can't cover everything in the Live Sessions and Peer Circles. For a full month, you get access to our library of high-quality content: session recordings from past events and conferences, as well as curated content from other sources.


Through the platform, for a full month, you'll be able to ask questions and join discussions with peers and experts. You can join dedicated networking and matchmaking sessions, to meet exactly whom you're keen to meet. The conference hallway, brought to live online.

Trusted by brands.Loved by peers.

"For me, the Innov8rs unconference is one of the few intrapreneurship conferences that is worth paying for. The ability to connect with such a high quality speakers, ask questions, and get great insights is just invaluable!"

"The cost of the Unconference has far exceeded the value. I have already used some of the ideas presented. It is also influencing my thoughts on many other areas related to innovation."

"I understand how difficult these events are to run in the best of times. This is hands down the best virtual event I have attended."

"Wow, what have you created!? I am absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed by what I entered there yesterday. And hey, I'm only a basic member ...!"."


Time To Connect.

Join Innov8rs Connect to take a step back, to reflect and refocus, in order to be better positioned to get results.

The options below are for corporate leaders and professionals only.
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including these items for each event you choose to join:

• 20+ interactive live sessions (talks, workshops, AMA’s)
• 20+ facilitated, closed-door peer circles
• Option to host a Challenge Call to get feedback on your key challenge, or share your approach as a Success Story
Access to content and community for four weeks: one week prior to main week, and three weeks past. This includes the event’s session recordings, on-topic content from other events and curated content from the web, as well as discussions through the platform
Customized agenda based on goals and needs, and a personal concierge to find your way

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• You can use your seats for all events from this series. You could attend one event together, or divide and conquer across several events.
• Each seat comes with all items as listed under Individual Pass.
• Plus extra support for your team: a private group on the platform, exclusive sessions and content as well as targeted introductions, all based on your goals and needs.

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Free access to all online events as they happen
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• And much more!





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