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We’ll be launching our 2022-2023 calendar soon - stay tuned for our virtual Learning Labs, new Community Club formats and more updates. Also, we'll open up more Circles - groups of other innovators in a similar role, in the same industry, with the same interests and based out of the same region. Keep an eye out for updates on when Circles are hosting sessions in order to get involved.

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Sessions - Events/Open

We'll resume hosting sessions in September 2022... stay tuned!

We host 8 online events each year, each covering one key pillar of corporate innovation, and one Unconference program where participants set the agenda. For more details and to RSVP, click on the items of your choice.

Access to these events is not included in your Content Pass, but you can join (and bring your team too) at 30% off. Just email community@innov8rs.co if you'd like to make use of this for one or multiple upcoming events.

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Whether you want to deep dive into a particular topic, or you just want to stay current, stop Googling- this is your Netflix for innovation.

You will find the latest cards under "Latest Cards" (duhuh... ) and cards based on your interests (as per your Members Survey) under "Interest Cards". For all cards, go here - soon, you can on that page filter and search to find exactly those content items that answer your questions.

Featured Cards

Corporate Sociology: Setting your Leadership up for Success with Disruptive Innovation

Nick Tate
VP Digital Innovation and Head of NEXT, GSK Consumer Healthcare

How Innovation Management Will (Have to) Change in Post-Covid Times

Christina Habib & Julian Gray
Global Vice President Insights, Innovation & Partnerships at Unilever | VP Digital Science and Digital Innovation at bp | Transformation Consultant at Gate One

Unblock, Unlock, Unleash The Future You Want To See

Scott Morrison
Founder of the Boom! and Co-founder of Loops

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