🤩 Welcome to Innov8rs Unconference 2022

Your first time checking in?

Please check this short video to understand the main components of the program as well as how to best engage to get most out of your participation.

In this space, you'll find everything you need to engage in Innov8rs Unconference 2022.

First, please scroll down to understand why we're hosting Unconference and how it's been designed, and how to make most out of the program.

Here's an overview of links you'll need throughout the 6-weeks of the program, and afterwards until July 1st:

  • To RSVP for Speaker Sessions and Open Space Sessions, go to the Sessions page
  • Speaker Sessions are hosted on Zoom, with meeting links being provided in the calendar invites once RSVP'ed. Open Space Sessions and Peer Circle sessions are hosted on Welo.
  • The Unconf Wall is our virtual whiteboard where we learn together. Go here to explore insights from each session, add your input and feedback to open questions, and dive into the answers provided.
  • Session recordings will be added here (and linked to from the Unconf Wall as well).

At any point, if you're not sure how to engage and if you have any question, do reach out to the Innov8rs Team via community@innov8rs.co and we'll get back to you asap!

🚀 How to get most out of the program

Innov8rs Unconference helps you to get answers to your questions and solutions to your challenges, guided by experts and supported by peers.

We've designed it following these three principles.

The first principle is participant-driven. The agenda and as such, what we'll address during the program, is informed by your individual and collective input.

In the Speaker Sessions, Curators make sure that speakers focus on your questions and challenges. In the Open Space Sessions, Curators facilitate conversation amongst participants focusing on topics brought forward by session participants.

The second principle is reflection. Rather than just consuming information without really processing it, we'll help you to take a step back and check in - after every session and throughout the program - what you already knew, what you learned, and what's to be explored further.

The Peer Circle calls also support ongoing reflection on learnings as well as getting clear on what/how to implement your insights.

The third principle is peer to peer. Within the sessions, the focus is on learning from and with each other, so make sure to join live as much as you can.

Moreover, via the Unconf Wall - our virtual whiteboard - you'll find what's been discussed and shared in all sessions, and you'll be able to see the progress being made aon nswering all open questions. The Unconf Wall is also place for you to contribute with your feedback in other to address other open questions. 

Below, you'll find our suggestions for making most out of the program.

Any questions? Reach out to our team via community@innov8rs.co


Block time to participate in the program as much as you can, because only when you put in efforts, you will get results. Try to join a few Speaker Sessions and Open Space Sessions a week, to engage with others live, and check our Unconf Wall for insights and to contribute at least once a week.


Learn different approaches and gain insights from 50+ speakers. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, join Expert Talks covering the best and latest on all key trends and themes under corporate innovation management, as well as Ask-Me-Anythings with cross-industry innovation leaders sharing their approach, lessons learned and advice. You'll find these Speaker Sessions in the complete agenda here.


Join the topical Open Space Sessions on Wednesdays to go deeper, and discuss the topics and issues you care about. Our Curators facilitate conversation and sharing with your group, so each participants gets and gives feedback. You'll find these Open Space sessions in the complete agenda here.


Get accountability support and unbiased feedback in a Peer Circle group with others working on the same issues, for 5 x 1-hour calls on Wednesdays, in week 2 to 6 of the program. You'll receive further instructions in the first week of the program and you can also find these Peer Circle sessions in the complete agenda here.


Check out and contribute to the Unconf Wall, our virtual whiteboard where we learn together, asynchronously. Go here to explore insights from each session, add your input and feedback to open questions, and dive into the answers provided.

👋 Say hi to your Unconference 2022 Curators