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For innovation leaders and teams, our events are the perfect opportunity to understand different approaches, experiment with new frameworks and explore other techniques.

Increasingly, we heard back from our community that you wanted more.

More depth, really getting to the bottom of that particular method to better apply and get results from it.

More people, a program that teaches key skills, scalable beyond the core innovation team.

In response, we’ve selected some of the world’s leading experts to offer you the following programs (and more to come). Click on “More Info” to get all details and to register.

Leading Innovation: Right Questions, Right Time

Learn how to track progress on innovation projects.

Masterclass with Tendayi Viki
London, 6 February 2019


The Outthinker IN-OVATE Workshop

Tools to Unlock Internal Innovation

Workshop with Kaihan Krippendorff
New York City, 25 April 2019


Intrapreneurship E-Learning Course

Learn the fundamentals of Intrapreneurship from Ideation to Incubation (and get certified)

Online, self-paced. For individuals and for teams.


Silicon Valley Fast Track

A custom-tailored program for executives, future leaders and high-level corporate innovation teams by Stefan Lindegaard