Innovation has a reputation for being a black art, but it’s really not.

Yet because so few companies have designed a deliberate system for repeatable innovation, its ad hoc nature causes it to fail, or at best deliver more of the same. After coaching hundreds of innovation projects around the world and mixed with his own research and that of other experts, Elvin Turner discovered that bolder innovation becomes a more inevitable and repeatable outcome when teams and organisations focus on six areas, each of which has a simple ‘turn-on’ path.

In his book Be Less Zombie Elvin goes behind the scenes of some of the world’s most innovative companies and decodes the tools, hacks and approaches that help their managers systematically spark ingenuity, agility, and profitable creativity at scale.

Recently, Elvin joined us for a Innov8rs Community live session where he shared

  • Why a one-size-fits-all culture rarely works for innovation, and what to do about it
  • Why every company needs a ‘rehearsal space’
  • How to reduce the stakes and fear around breakthrough innovation
  • How to take a ‘punch’ – bouncing back from failure
  • How to help leaders embrace bolder risk-taking
  • How to remove the major energy drainers from the innovation process

Check the recording from his session below.