Whilst innovation remains a top priority for every CEO, we have again witnessed recently that when markets are uncertain and costs need to be cut, the innovation function is also amongst the first to be impacted.

As a function, we’re still figuring out how we contribute to our organizations’ top and bottom line in sustainable and scalable ways.

The year 2023 brought many challenges to tackle, and yet as many opportunities to explore. Never a dull moment in corporate innovation… so they say.

Looking forward to 2024, what’s coming at us, and how can we as innovators make a difference?

Late December, we hosted a global conversation with leading experts sharing their perspective about what will (not) change for corporate innovation in 2024. Here's what they shared.

2023 was an innovation bust – but it will be unavoidable for organizations in 2024
Rita McGrath, Professor at Columbia Business School and Founder at Valize

In 2024, senior leaders will ask for an explicit Return on Investment from innovation
Alexander Osterwalder, Founder & CEO at Strategyzer, Visiting Professor at IMD

Excel in short-term, low-risk Initiatives to secure long-term investments and navigate through recession
Tyler Anderson, CEO at Disruptive Edge

As corporate startups need to be linked more closely to "core", monitoring startup health is crucial
Frank Mattes, Founder and CEO at Lean Scaleup

AI will have a deep impact on corporate innovation, but the shape and effects of this might surprise many
Alf Rehn, Professor of Innovation, Design and Management at Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark

2024 will be a year of big choices and smart experiments when it comes to corporate innovation and emerging technologies
Jennifer Riel, Chief Strategy Officer at IDEO

We need to incorporate new habits of ethical considerations that innovation opportunities raise, and break current habits associated with governance of strategic innovation
Gina O'Connor, Professor of Innovation Management at Babson College

Innovation and business models for sustainability: only capitalism can be fast enough to save the planet
Andy Binns, Director and Co-Founder of Change Logic and Co-Author of Corporate Explorer

Global companies, grappling with sustainability concerns, remain confined to PowerPoint presentations due to a lack of innovation capabilities
Dan Toma, Co-Author Innovation Accounting & The Corproate Startup, Partner at OUTCOME

The innovator's career pivot: why ‘Innovation Coach’ just became one of 2024’s hottest jobs, and why you should become one
Elvin Turner, Executive Innovation Coach and author of Be Less Zombie

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