When we say Innov8rs is your must-do yearly innovation upgrade, we mean it.

When we claim “This is the one conference you don’t want to miss”, we mean it.

And when we promise you’ll bring your challenges and leave with solutions, we mean that too.

Regardless of where you are on your innovation journey, and no matter what industry you’re in, we’ve got you covered during Innov8rs Los Angeles (19-22 June).

Earlier, we announced the 10 field trips as part of the program. And for some participants, these alone were enough to justify their attendance.

Today, we wanted to give you an overview of 24 talks, workshops and masterclasses now confirmed to the agenda. All led and facilitated by some of the best and brightest (inter)national innovation experts, covering everything innovation from start to scale.

On top of the experts we announced earlier, we’re proud to confirm to the agenda experts like Hugh Molotsi (former Intuit), Mike Sigal (500 Startups), Lital Marom (Unfold), Diana Kander (Maddock Douglas) Rachael O’Meara (Google) and Coe Leta Stafford (Ideo U).

Check them out below, or check the full schedule via https://innov8rs.co/los-angeles/speakers-sessions/

If you need our help to decide what sessions match your needs and to customize your agenda, just open the chat button bottom right, or email hans@innov8rs.co and we’ll schedule a call to discuss.

(PS – stay tuned. More corporate speakers announced in two weeks as well!)


Structuring and Scaling Innovation Programs

The One Thing Great Innovators Do Differently
Greg Satell  // Trending Topic Talk, Day 1 (June 19) // Session details //

There is no “one true path” to innovation. There are, in fact, as many ways to innovate as there are types of problems to solve. There is, however, one thing that all great innovators have in common. Based on research that led to the award winning bestseller Mapping Innovation Greg’s talk takes you inside a wide variety of organizations — from corporate giants to startups to world class labs — to show you how you can inspire innovation throughout your enterprise.

The 7 Habits of Highly Innovative Organizations
Ludwig Melik (Planbox)  // Trending Topic Talk, Day 1 (June 19) // Session details //

Incredible pressure to relentlessly innovate as the world goes through massive digital transformation is having a profound impact on how companies operate. A sustainable systematic culture of innovation has proven to be an elusive goal for most organizations. Ludwig Melik will share the 7 habits of highly innovative organizations to help operationalize innovation, and develop innovation management as a core competency.

Building Enterprise Innovation Management as a Core Competency
Ludwig Melik (Planbox)  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

In this workshop, you’ll determine your current innovation capability across five key areas, and build consensus on how to improve your corporate innovation program for it to become a core competency and ingrained as part of your company culture.

Empowering Employees to Drive Growth
Hugh Molotsi (Ujama)  // Trending Topic Talk, Day 1 (June 19) // Session details //

Perhaps the most under-utilized assets in most companies are the ideas in their employees’ heads. The most innovative companies like Google, Atlassian, and 3M empower their employees to work on their own ideas. Hugh’s Intrapreneurship Empowerment Model describes the components of an effective and sustainable internal innovation program. You’ll learn how you can apply this model to develop a culture of innovation at your company.

The Landscape For Startup-Driven Innovation: How Corporations Are Leveraging Startup Ecosystems To Accelerate Innovation
Brian Ardinger (NXXT)  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

This workshop will look at a variety of models corporations are using to accelerate innovation through working with startups and startup ecosystems. From internal startup weekends to corporate venture, corporations are looking for new partners and new engagement models to capitalize on growing startup ecosystems to create new and meaningful innovation.

Metrics for Measuring Innovation Health
Tristan Kromer (Kromatic)  // Master Class, Day 3 (June 21) // Session details //

Is our innovation strategy working? How can we compare our efforts to our competitors? How do we measure progress on our 10 year innovation strategy today? Although we know we need it, it’s hard to measure innovation and even harder to prove that we’re making progress. When the next downturn comes, we may find our innovation funding cut off unless we can justify our budgets. Return on Investment (ROI) is useless, but are there any proven alternatives? In this hands on workshop you will define metrics and a dashboard for measuring your innovation ecosystems.

Operational Excellence for Innovation: A Taste of Upside
Mike Sigal and Jelena Ewart (Upside Partners)  // Master Class, Day 3 (June 21) // Session details //

Despite ongoing investments in innovation and digital transformation, most corporations still struggle to effectively identify promising innovation opportunities, engage line-of-business owners, streamline purchasing processes, scale validated innovations, and generate meaningful ROI. This masterclass will introduce a series of best practices from top performing startups, VCs, and corporate innovation groups to help your organization accelerate cultural change and develop operational excellence in your innovation initiatives.


Leading Transformation and Orchestrating Change

Innovation is Broken
Janice Fraser (Bionic)  // Trending Topic Talk, Day 1 (June 19) // Session details //

What is the point of innovation? Why do we focus so much time and effort on digital transformation, agile transformation, and innovation? Simply put it’s because large organizations need to grow – and can’t. All of their current management practices optimize against anything new being successful (ever). In the course of a storied career that started at Netscape, and includes co-founding Adaptive Path and Luxr, consulting for Fortune 500 companies as well as the White House, Janice Fraser has focused on how to handle this “newness”. She will share how to tackle change and actually drive growth in large organizations.

10 Principles of Business Transformation (talk)
Barry O’Reilly (ExecCamp)  // Trending Topic Talk, Day 1 (June 19) // Session details //

The most successful enterprises are continually experimenting to learn what works and what doesn’t. They focus on meeting customer needs by clarifying goals, shortening feedback loops and measuring performance based on outcomes, rather than outputs. To become a high performance organization you must develop the capability to continually adapt, adjust and innovate. This requires a deliberate practice of experimentation and learning. Hear Barry’s 10 principles of business transformation to get leaded and lead large scale innovation in your business.

10 Principles of Business Transformation (workshop)
Barry O’Reilly (ExecCamp)  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) //  Session details //

This is a deep dive into how you company can address the ’10 principles of business transformation’ as shared by Barry O’Reilly in his Trending Topic Talk on the first day of the summit. In this workshop, Barry will guide a facilitated discussion on how to create a robust strategy for your business to transform and innovate at scale.

Platform Economy: Shaping Industry Structures
Lital Marom (Unfold Media)  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

Platforms have rapidly become an important part of the global economy. Currently, five of the world’s 10 largest listed companies by market cap are platform companies. Platforms businesses are hyper scaling and beating traditional business. Based on Lital Marom’s experience working closely with global brands, she created an innovation process to help the world to build platform business models leveraging the power of ecosystems and she will share that in this workshop.

Innovation At Scale Needs A Holistic And Responsive Transformation – Are you ready?
Jonathan Bertfield (Spinnaker)  // Master Class, Day 3 (June 21) // Session details //

In this master class, Jonathan Bertfield will share case studies from an award-winning Lean Enterprise program at Pearson and engagements with other large enterprises, that will enable you to kick off and significantly accelerate your own organization’s transformation journey. He will uncover how to run a transformation effort that’s built on the same set of principles as the Lean Enterprise: continuous learning, small bets, transparency, embracing uncertainty, business agility, customer centricity etc. He will share how to take an iterative and learning led approach to transformation, where you are expected to fail early on, run experiments, prove that something works in the organization before it’s rolled out at scale.

Exponential Organizations
Michael Leadbetter (ExO Works)  // Master Class, Day 3 (June 21) // Session details //

The best seller Exponential Organizations has become required reading for many Fortune 500 company leaderships teams. Michael will lead an interactive session that will provide an insight into how many CEO’s are now thinking about innovation.  The session will  include an overview of the exponential technologies that are driving the 4th Industrial Revolution,  the 11 exponential attributes, how to tackle corporate antibodies that stifle innovation, the ExO methodologies used to develop Core and Edge initiatives and an interactive session on exponential technologies and how they impact your industries.


Building Innovation Culture and Capability

Why Curiosity is the New Competitive Advantage in Business
Diana Kander (Maddock Douglas)  // Trending Topic Talk, Day 1 (June 19) //  Session details //

It’s much harder to stay on top than it is to get there. Diana will explain how success kills curiosity and that a lack of curiosity is why companies lose touch with their customers and eventually become irrelevant. She will also demonstrate how the four essential curiosity questions can uncover powerful insights and yield exponential growth.

Deep Dive Into The Four Essential Curiosity Questions
Diana Kander (Maddock Douglas)  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

Building on her Trending Topic Talk, in this workshop Diana will explain the power of the Four Curiosity Questions and help you apply the questions to either 1. improve their customer experience in innovative ways; 2. solve a persistent problem facing their company; or 3. achieve a big hairy audacious goal.

Women Are Not Robots
Erica Eden (PepsiCo)  // Trending Topic Talk, Day 1 (June 19) //  Session details //

If you take a look women’s innovation, it won’t take long to be disappointed. Women are treated like robots – cold machines that only respond to hot pink and high protein. It’s time to make a change and innovate for tribes, not robots. Tribes are real groups of women with shared interest and aspirational lifestyles – a far more human design strategy.

How To Empower An Innovative Culture
Greg Satell  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

Most people’s idea of a great innovator looks a lot lot Steve Jobs. Mercurial and difficult, constantly spouting out a seemingly endless supply of ideas. That may have worked for the famous Apple founder, but it hardly ever works for anyone else. In fact, it is often the hot-shots that stop innovation in it’s tracks. Great innovators are not knowledge holders, but knowledge brokers. They build superior networks of information and insight through generosity and a collaborative style. This workshop introduces the Innovation Pulse, a self assessment tool fashioned after the Apgar test, that was developed in partnership with Proteus International and will help every team up its innovation game.

The Innovative Team: Recognizing and Developing Innovators
Janice Francisco (BridgePoint Effect/FourSight) // Master Class, Day 3 (June 21)  // Session details //

Research shows that each of us has thinking preferences for engaging in innovation. With awareness of these preferences, and how they contribute to the innovation process, everyone gets to bring their best game to the table. Which means you get better performance from your teams, and talent better aligned to reaching your goals. Using the internationally acclaimed FourSight Your Thinking Profile™ this masterclass introduces you to your thinking preferences and offers a glimpse of how we personally and collectively engage in innovation.

Design a Better Business: How to Use Design to Co-Create More Effective Strategies for the Future
Justin Lokitz  (Business Models Inc.)  // Master Class, Day 3 (June 21) // Session details //

As the rate of change continues to increase and the world around us becomes more uncertain, business leaders need to learn new ways to harness uncertainty in order to create opportunity. As intrapreneurs, we are uniquely positioned in our organizations to be able to design and guide the businesses we work for and the strategies therein. This masterclass will focus on pairing the designer’s mindset with new tools and skills needed to design a better business.


Staying Fit: Skills and Personal Leadership

Power of Pause: Five Keys to Avoid Burnout and Expand Your Capacity as an Agent of Change
Rachael O’Meara (Google)  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

In this workshop you will discover the power of pause and what pausing means as it relates to being an agent of change, create your vision for how you want to be as an Agent of Change in your life and learn the EI-based tools you can start implementing immediately to avoid burnout and feel aligned as you expand your capacity and thrive. You’ll also discover and learning to follow your yearnings, moment by moment and why they are key to thriving, and you’ll walk away with your pause plan that you can begin using immediately.

Designing for Change
Coe Leta Stafford and Dawn Taketa Riordan (IDEO U)  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

No matter what industry you’re in, no matter where you sit in an organization, change can come from you. You can create a movement and catalyze change in your organization or community by mobilizing people. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to start small to build momentum and identify the right coalition of co-conspirators.

How to Get Quick Wins to Gain Trust & Scale Innovation
Karen Holst Tudhope  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

Whether you are new to the innovation space or are tasked with leading a new team – the starting line of new innovation programs can be a challenging one. Join this workshop to get a deep understanding of the value of your innovation ecosystem and process. Then, you’ll dive into the 4 activities you can do over the next year to further your innovation strategy, gaining trust and credibility along the way. You’ll learn how to enable and activate others through your innovation vision and leadership.

Impactful Storytelling for Innovators & Disruptors
Susan Lindner (Emerging Media) // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

Disruption is seismic. It triggers new growth, products and amazing market opportunities. And it offers layoffs, political infighting, and destruction. How do leaders get customers to follow them in light of massive change and an uncertain future? By cracking the code on history’s greatest storytellers, Susan gives leaders a blueprint for creating their own stories that offer a vision, message, and path that the market can follow – with religious zeal. Whether you’re a corporate innovator or startup disruptor, this workshop is the critical link that lets you communicate your ideas and turn a message into a movement that others will follow.

Flourish or Die: Building A Path To Sustainable Change Making
Tracey Lovejoy and Shannon Lucas (Catalyst Constellations)  // Workshop, Day 2 (June 20) // Session details //

Being a catalyst isn’t really a choice…it’s a way of being that most would say is in the fiber of their very being. So how do we best support these powerful individuals? This session provides concrete insights about what it means to be a catalyst and how you can create a sustainable path forward to realize your vision.

Learn 10x Faster with Prototype Thinking
Olivia Wong (Prototype Thinking Labs) // Master Class, Day 3 (June 20) // Session details //

The most important capability in innovation is the ability to learn:  Does your organization measure how effectively you learn? Prototype Thinking is an approach originally developed at Google X for categorically increasing the speed and volume of learning by 10x or more.  Using hundreds of rapid, low-cost prototype iterations and simulation-based experiments, Prototype Thinking teams ensure that they not only build a product right, but that they are building the right product. In this practical, hands-on masterclass, you will learn the method by applying it to a real idea or project, leaving with tangible immediate insights and a new toolkit going forward.

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