Since the beginning of the Covid crisis, changes to the world of innovation have taken place that would have been virtually unforeseeable just a few months prior.

On the negative side, companies and their innovation programs have had to adapt to an economic crisis that has drastically reduced budgets across the board.

On the positive side, companies have shown themselves to be more fluid than ever, working under adverse conditions and bringing new products to market faster than ever before.

This raises the question: what does the future of innovation look like? Is there a new paradigm or do the old rules still apply?

To explore answers to this question, Josh Cohen (GIANT Innovation) hosted a panel conversation with Andreas Würfel (Director US Partnerships at Metro), Karen O’Leonard (Global Head of Innovation at Willis Towers Watson) and Neil Gomes (Chief Digital Officer at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health).

Innov8rs Community Live session – recorded on 25 June 2020

Our role is more important than ever. Yet budgets are being cut, support from leaders and other functions is low and the pressure to get it right fast, is high.

As corporate innovators, we’re tasked to respond to the Covid19-crisis, and prepare for bounce back and growth at the same time.

What you need now is a space where you can safely discuss crucial moves and critical decisions with peers who’ve been there.

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