The ride continues.

In the 7th week of the Innov8rs Connect Unconference, we've talked about topics ranging from customer excellence, intrapreneurship, scaling up ventures, selecting innovators and forming teams, executive buy-in and transfer of ownership. Here's a glimpse of the many rich conversations we've had.

The Intrapreneurship Imperative

More than 35 years ago already, Gifford Pinchot III coined the term "intrapreneurship", and came up with the intrapreneur's ten commandments. With these commandments as framework, Damian Dugdale, Lead Consultant at WDO Innovation, discussed with Cristian Norlin (Ericsson), David Cronstrom (Electrolux) and Chris Fowells (BP) what has worked and what hasn’t in their intrapreneurship journey.

Here's what they discussed about the need for sponsorship.

The Right Approach to Engage Employees in Your Innovation Journey

Launching an intrapreneurship program, organizing an ideation challenge, piloting a global approach to collaborative inovation… There are plenty ways of doing innovation. How not to get lost among these concepts and how to choose the approach best suited to your organization?

You are about to engage your employees in your innovation journey but you don’t know the kind of program that will fit your organization? Intrapreneurship? Theme challenge or problem statement? There are many ways to engage with your community but only one that will help you to achieve your goals. In her session Céline Degreef, CEO at Yumana, took us through how to decide what to do.

Our Intrapreneurial Journey To Save Babies’ Lives

As an intrapreneur Roelof Berg invented a wearable babyphone that also measures the breathing movement and alarms when the movement pattern is not well. Over three years his team brought this product from idea to a successful market launch. The novel product is now available in major baby stores and on Amazon with a 4.5 star ranking.

They did this in a big company and came to speed by founding a quick and flexible corporate startup, and by following modern intrapreneurship methodology like the Adobe Kickbox. Roelof shared what enabled us to launch a product for the B2C market out of a B2B company.

Consumer Behavior Shifts in a Low Touch Economy

The way consumers buy and experience products is changing. Vincent Pirenne, Partner & CEO Board of Innovation Americas, explained various cases and strategic frameworks that allow you to uncover new opportunities.

What consumer behavior shifts do we see? Which brands are making successful pivots? How can you respond?

Lean Scaleup: Set your Corporate Startups / Ventures up for Success

85-90% of corporate startups fail. There seems to be a “Valley Of Death” after MVP, concluded Frank Mattes.

Together with more than 20 of his clients – companies like Airbus, bp, Robert Bosch, Merck Philips and Telefonica – Frank has developed and implemented a framework that increases the odds for success, called Lean Scaleup. In this snippet, Frank is zooming in into the transition phase as part of the scaling up journey.

Innovation Now: Be Prepared To Accelerate Out of the Turn

With disruption comes opportunity. Now is the time to rethink organizational goals, models and tools and accelerate your innovation. Those that innovate faster and serve up relevant new products, services and experiences will outperform those that don’t.

Yet one of the main challenges for corporate innovators is getting executive buy-in. In his session, Paul Heller, Chief Technology Officer at Sopheon, shared these practical techniques for strengthening your case.

The Two Biggest Pitfalls in Corporate Innovation Are Not About Innovation

Corporates that excel at creating value through innovation have two things in common that most other corporates lack: focus on Innovation Flow and Transfer of Ownership.

Arent van ’t Spijker, author of the book ‘Continuous Innovation’, explained why Flow and Ownership are inevitable to succeed but often form the biggest, invisible obstacles to success.

Marketing Innovation – the Digital Detailing Case

Amid the current pandemic, pharmaceutical companies must figure out how the traditional sales representative-model is changing. Governmental mandates enforcing most to work from home poses challenges for sales reps. While this is a tremendous disruption, it’s also an opportunity to rethink existing approaches, create omni-channel communications with physicians and end customers and patients, and leverage data to deliver a better customer experience.

Carolina Wosiack, Managing Director EMEA at CI&T, and Shobie Ramakrishnan, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Pharma Commercial at GSK, explored how pharmaceutical and consumer health companies can take the traditional sales representative-model and progress the position to respond to the evolving needs of physicians and patients all while becoming a more digital, customer-centric organization.

Don’t Fear Disruption: Develop Your Own Innovators

"Creative people MUST be stopped!"

How are innovators selected? And how are innovation teams formed?

Suzan Briganti, Founder, CEO & Head of Product at Swarmvision, had a "edutaining conversation" with Dr. Robert Blizek about these fundamental questions.