Corporate-Startup Collaboration - Data Insights

James Mawson

Founder and Editor at Mawsonia

as recorded on 15 February 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement

Corporations increasingly want to work with startups and entrepreneurs as they recognise half their revenues within five years will have to come from new sources. Building new business lines is one way and corporate venturing helps them get there. James shared annual data from GCV Analytics to show where corporate venture capitalists are active and hosted a discussion how to identify the best ways to tap them.

About the speaker

James was editor of Private Equity News, part of Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal in London, for nearly four years until May, 2010 when he launched Global Corporate Venturing as an independent title from publishing company Mawsonia. This was followed by the launch of the second publication, Global University Venturing, in January 2012 to help students and faculty and academia more broadly launch or develop their entrepreneurial businesses and work with external peers.

As well as editing Private Equity News, James coordinated leveraged buyout and venture capital coverage for use by other titles in the Dow Jones and News Corporation group, acted as a spokesman on BBC radio and television and chaired awards and conferences for a host of media groups, including the BVCA awards and event for more than 1,000 people in October, 2009.

Previously, James had freelanced for a host of national and trade media titles, including the BBC, Financial Times, Economist, Independent on Sunday, Sunday Express and Dow Jones Newswires; provided research for Nick Davies's book, Flat Earth News; was a foreign correspondent in central and eastern Europe; and was international editor for FT Business. After graduating from King's College, London, James's first job was working at technology publishing house ComputerWire.

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