Panel: The Future of Startup Scouting

Laurent Kinet, Fiona van den Brink & Dr. Daniel Kaesmayr

CEO at Novable | Program Director Open Innovation at Corbion | Principal Scientist Innovation Solutions - Digitalization of R&D at BASF

as recorded on 16 February 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement

How to find the needle in the haystack? How to solve the paradox of choice? Is AI taking over? How to streamline the processes?

Laurent, Fiona and Daniel discussed those questions... and more.

About the speaker

Sailing in international environments, Laurent’s work is at the crossroad of innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital and corporate finance. He considers himself as a Venture Builder; he likes turning bold ideas into businesses, by contributing with strategy, operational management or money. After 20+ years working in the fields of technology, innovation and startups, he's now leading Novable, an AI-based innovation & startup scouting technology venture.

Fiona van den Brink is part of the new Open Innovation team at Corbion. In her role, Fiona is working with the team to develop the new Open Innovation strategic plan for the company. Fiona’s role is to explore emerging activity in the biotech industry and defining the right opportunities areas for Corbion to focus on. She is collaboratively scouting and vetting new opportunities, finding the right parties to partner with to build out the portfolio of collaborative projects. Bringing in her experience in collaborative innovation and partnerships, Fiona leads the execution of selected prospects, bringing together the external partners with Corbion’s internal diverse teams to bring the collaborations to a successful launch. Before joining Corbion in 2021, Fiona has worked at AkzoNobel in various roles relating to R&D, Sustainability and Open Innovation.

Daniel is part if BASF’s corporate innovation team and operates between the digital transformation and innovation communities. He runs the internal ideation platform, manages the greater scouting community, supporting also with methods and tools. Prior to moving into innovation management, he has worked as a (technology) scout and a research scientist.

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