Why Corporate-Startup Collaboration is Trending and How to Make it Work

Oana Maria Pop

Head of Open Innovation at HYPE Innovation

as recorded on 25 February 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Foresight, Ecosystem Engagement and Startup Collaboration

Innovating with startups and scaleups is just one of the many facets of open innovation. Still, corporate-startup collaboration remains of its most “alluring” modes. The reason is twofold.

First, the attributes, know-how and networks of startups can be highly sought after. Second, this type of collaboration promises to be a universal panacea, “curing” ailments such as: wicked problems in the industry, slowing speed of operation, inability to enter new markets and even a culture in need of rejuvenation

In this talk, you hear about common pitfalls in corporate-startup collaboration and learn how to organize their resources, relationships, and even networks for best results.

About the speaker

Oana is currently Head of Open Innovation at HYPE. She specializes in the science and practice of building durable intra- and inter-firm relationships and collaboration. In her daily work, she combines industry expertise with research insights to help organisations large and small, public and private, formulate and fulfil more ambitious (open) innovation goals. For example: designing supply chain innovation programs, running hackathons, engaging a startup community and even engineering full-fledged innovation ecosystems.

Additionally, she contributes to shaping HYPE’s thought leadership in the Open Innovation space and contributes to new product development.

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