During Innov8rs Singapore a few weeks ago, one of the attendees – a VP Innovation for one of the largest banks in the world – compared his role of leading innovation with running a marathon of a 1000 sprints.

"You know you’re in for the long game, yet have to focus on getting all kinds of small wins every single day for the dozens of stakeholders you are dealing with."

When watching the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and hearing about the years of training that these athletes have to put in to play at their best, I thought of that statement again.

Leading innovation – running a marathon of a 1000 sprints - is not easy. You have to be on top of your game every single day to succeed in the long run.

To support you on that journey, this spring we are once again bringing together a curated group of corporate innovators from all over Europe, this time in the vibrant city of Madrid (15-18 May 2018). With so many passionate people in one place, for sure it will feel like the Olympics for corporate innovators you don't want to miss.

Today, we excited to announce the first batch of 14 world-class experts ready to inspire you, guide you and work with you during the summit, so that you go back to the office with new ideas to implement, and re-energized and ready for another year of sprints.

Innov8rs Madrid 15-18 May 2018 // DOWNLOAD BROCHURE


Gain Insights on Trending Topics And X-Industry Best Practices

  • Nearly all companies now recognize that we live in a time of exponential change. This makes innovation obligatory, not optional. Larry Keeley will reveal principles of effective innovation that get past innovation lore, to the deeper logic of what actually works.
  • The ultimate goal of innovation is to help the company achieve long-term success and meet its strategic goals. Tendayi Viki will explore how intrapreneurs can take innovation beyond the sticky note and ensure that their work is aligned to corporate strategy.
  • Innovation is notoriously difficult to measure but any activity that significantly impacts investment, staffing, resources and competitiveness needs to be measured. Magnus Penker will share what metrics are proving useful in organizations when pure financial metrics don’t work.
  • When 90% of start-ups fail, intrapreneurship programs have had to evolve and become more scientific and rigorous in order to avoid being shut down. Using learnings from real life implementations over the past 4 years, Jan Kennedy will touch on a number of "Super Steroids" that will help your program get more serious results and set you up for scale.

For all details on speakers and sessions, click here: https://innov8rs.co/madrid/speakers-sessions/

Workshops & Whiteboards

Bring your challenge... pick your group... and work on solutions to implement once back in the office.

  • Improving the ROI of Your Intrapreneurship Programs - Jan Kennedy (Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship)
  • A Culture of Everyday Innovation - Rosemarie Diegnan (Wazoku)
  • From 0 to 1: Building Corporate Startups - Leonard Bukenya & Niek Karsmakers (Aim For The Moon)
  • Scaling Corporate Ventures: Mission Impossible? - Janet Bumpas (Scale Up Nation)

Deep Dive Master Classes

Develop new skills, and experiment with new methods, tools and techniques during these 3-hour training sessions.

  • Lean Enterprise Transformation - Sonja Kresojevic
  • Teams & Talent: Recognizing and Developing Innovators - Janice Francisco (BridgePoint Effect/FourSight)
  • Beyond Theatre- What It Really Takes to Build a Culture of Innovation - Cris Beswick
  • Exponential Organizations: A Roadmap For Fast and Fundamental Transformation - Michael Leadbetter (EXO Works)
  • Above and Beyond the Accelerator: Effective Corporate-Startup Collaboration - Jess McGahan (LMARKS)

For all details on speakers and sessions, click here: https://innov8rs.co/madrid/speakers-sessions/

This is NOT just another conference.

Across 40+ different sessions over four days, you’ll experience trending topic talks, case study talks, whiteboard sessions, workshops, masterclasses, field trips and project booster sessions. We don’t just want to leave you feeling inspired, we want to help you take action while your with us, ready to implement once you leave.

If that all seems like too much for one person, bring your whole team along to gather insights from all of our speakers, then work with experts in dedicated 1:1 sessions to maximize your organization’s learning.

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